Tips To Prevent A Big Hole In Your Pocket When Flying

As compared to other means of travel like railway or cruise, flying tends to be on a slightly more expensive side. Many times, you might want to end up staying in a costly hotel while you are on holiday. But this might end up being out of your budget because you might have to spend more than half your money on buying flight tickets. To help out, the team has put forward a few money saving tips when you wish to fly to your destination.

  • Find out everything that is needed. It is imperative not to be caught off-guard by sudden expenses coming your way. Do not believe anyone else, do your research or ask a trusted friend to help you. Look into your bills extremely carefully; ask questions in case you notice an untrustworthy transaction. You might be charged extra, so tend to be overly cautious. Once the payment is made, it is really difficult to get your money back for unwanted services. It helps by a large margin. Most of the unwanted expenses happen because of our laziness. For instance, you have just checked the New Delhi to Goa flights schedule and want to buy tickets. If you do not wish to lunch to be included in your plane ticket, make sure you ask for a cut price. Your ticket amount will then be reduced. Do not pay the entire original amount and later regret having done so.
  • Online booking of flight tickets has become extremely popular nowadays. But these websites from where you buy your tickets tend to charge a transaction fee. This fee varies from site to website. Also, if you are purchasing multiple tickets, the overall transaction fee starts to increase every time a person is added. Ensure you keep your options open, check many different sites, and choose the one that gives you the best price and the lowest transaction fee.
  • While checking in your luggage at the counter inside the airport, all your bags are weighed together. Now, a person is entitled to carry only a maximum weight limit of luggage. If he ends up bringing more, a fee will be charged. Ensure you carry just what is necessary for you, and leave the rest at home. This fee that is charged for extra luggage is a lot. Try as much as possible to travel light and below the maximum luggage mark. Weigh your luggage once at home so that you do not have to worry about your luggage being overweight. Also, look for offers and try to go for the cheapest option in case you want to carry more luggage. Try to hold a credit card with the airline you are travelling in so that you get a free bag check-in. Another important tip is that if you are travelling with your friends who have a relatively low amount of luggage to check in, you could request them to carry your luggage too so that you do not have to pay any extra luggage fee at the counter.
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