5 Formal Attire Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Wearing clothes that don’t fit properly is the core of formal attire mistakes men should definitely avoid, knowing the shape and right sizes for your body is an essential part of any outfit. There are small fixtures you can adjust and trivial things you should avoid to make a transformative difference to your formal attire.

Avoid Wrong Sleeve Lengths

Although a seemingly minor feature to work on, your sleeve lengths are a crucial feature of your overall look. A formal attire mistake men should avoid is having a sleeve that is too long or too short because it can change your formal attire dramatically. A useful trick is to relax your arms by your side, then checking to see if your sleeves fall positioned between your wrists and the back of your thumb. If it covers your thumb, the size is too big, and if it doesn’t reach your wrists, it’s too small. Avoid lifting up your arms to test out the fit of your sleeve lengths because this isn’t as accurate as it feels to you.

Avoid Incorrect Jacket Etiquette

5 Formal Attire Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Have you seen those pictures of one guy wearing a jacket too embarrassingly big on them at someone’s formal? This is certainly a major formal attire mistake men should avoid. An easy trick to check you’ve got the appropriate formal jacket sizing is making sure your jacket is easy to button but not too loose. by placing your hand between you and your buttoned jacket. If it comfortably slides in then bingo! You’ve got the right one. The bottom of your jacket should end at the tip of your fingers where they naturally curve/cup. Additionally, an unspoken rule is that your jacket should be unbuttoned when seated, then buttoned when you stand up but the bottom button should always be unbuttoned no matter what.

Avoid Unflattering Trousers

Your trousers are a definitive feature of your formal attire although it may seem not as outstanding as other features of your outfit. A formal attire mistake men should avoid is having the wrong length of trousers, even though it is tempting to just slide on any pair, your trouser legs should be flattering without appearing too loose or too tight on you. Lengthwise they should be positioned perfectly above your shoes without touching the ground.

Avoid Ignoring Details

5 Formal Attire Mistakes Men Should Avoid

A major formal attire mistake men should avoid is disregarding the minor details of your outfit, because even the smallest details make a huge difference. For example, the belt you choose should match the colour of your shoes, such as black oxfords would match a black leather belt, simple as that. Belts are an integral part of your overall formal attire. Choose a single colour belt with either a plain brass or silver buckle, and remember to keep it simple, letting the rest of your suit do the talking.

Avoid Poor Maintenance

Formal attire mistakes aren’t always made by what you’re wearing but by how you maintain it. Gentlemen, you should avoid leaving your suit hanging around, instead place your suit nicely on a wooden hanger as such to keep it in shape. Otherwise, the lines of the shoulder seams may become deformed. It’s useful to invest in steaming your suit or just to avoid dry cleaning it too often as it could be detrimental to the natural suit fibers. A formal attire mistake men should avoid is putting an iron directly onto your suit fabric, this may be very harmful and unsafe.

It’s essential to utilize these fashion formal attire tricks and tips, in order to get a dapper looking fit in your formal suit. These were just 5 formal attire mistakes, there are more tips here. Men should avoid but be warned to stay away from the overly-tempting and gaudy offerings of all things too shiny, bright or outrageous!

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