6 Desert Safari Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

We all grew up studying that deserts are barren and boring with lots of sand, right. Fortunately, not all deserts are like this, especially if you are in a Dubai desert. Just like the spectacular city itself, desert also have a lot of tricks up its sleeve for tourists. Book a safari tour Dubai and you know exactly what I am talking about. Unfortunately, there are many myths that surrounds the deserts that detracts many tourists from enjoying the desert safari.

In this article, we will bust some of the most common myths surrounding desert safari.

1. Camel Rides Are Short

Visit any review website related to Dubai tourism and you will surely find this one in the comments section. Most people complain about desert safari being too short like a small walk around a circle but is it really true? This is true to a certain degree especially when you are talking a camel ride at sunset or at night. Camels can’t see in the dark so most service provider give you a small camel ride to prevent any issues. You can easily resolve this issue by taking the camel ride during the day.

2. There are many animals in the Desert

If you are in the desert to see dozens of animal species then, you will be out of luck because there would be a handful of them there. Seeing animals in the desert is a rare sight and only lucky ones can get such an opportunity. With the harsh climatic conditions, very few animal species could survive in the desert.

3. All Desert Safaris are Same

The biggest and most common myth is that all desert safaris are pretty much the same. Although the old adage “You get what you pay for” applies here but there is a lot of differences. From safety measures to food quality, camp ambiance to vehicles, everything changes from service provider to provider. That is why it is important to hire the right company when booking a desert safari in Dubai. Just like in airline tickets, there are also separate categories for desert safari as well. You can opt for economy class if you are on a tight budget or go all out with first class if experience is your priority.

4. You Will Get A Better Deal If you Book at Eleventh Hour

Some tourists also have a misconception that if they book a desert safari at the last minute, they will get a better deal. They should keep one thing in mind that desert safaris don’t sell out so whether you book early or at eleventh hour, it will make no difference. In fact, booking late might land you into trouble as you will have to face disappointment on several fronts such as slots are filled. Make sure you book your desert safari before landing in Dubai to prevent any slip ups during your trip.

5. Desert Safari Without Dune Bashing is Not a Desert Safari

Nothing get your heart racing more than Dune bashing but there are many other activities that makes Dubai desert safari special. For those who thinks desert safari without dune bashing is boring, they should experience sandboarding and take part in quad racing to see what the desert have in store for them other than dune bashing. Spending a night in the desert and enjoying some gourmet food and refreshing drinks are other ways to enjoy your desert safari. Star gazing fans will not be disappointed as the night sky offer them plenty of opportunities to see distant stars and planets, provided they have the right equipment. On the entertainment front, you can see some belly dance in the desert.

6. Hotel Concierge Will Recommend The Best Desert Safari

Are you relying on hotel concierge to pick the right desert safari for you? They might recommend a few but it can be a hit or miss depending on your preferences. It is highly recommended that you choose the desert safari yourself because you know best what you want and expect from your desert safari, not your hotel concierge. They will offer you recommendations in each budget category which will make your search for desert safari provider a bit easier but don’t solely rely on their recommendations and do some research to evaluate other available options as well.

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