Health Benefits Of Cherry

Cherry fruit is known as a very healthy type of food and it’s regarded as being nutritious by many experts. However, nutritious can be a rather vague description of what’s really inside a type of food. Regardless of its benefits, it is clear that cherry is not a part of our regular diet. There are potentially underexposed ingredients in cherry fruits and we could find various incredible compounds. Cherry produces a large amount of melatonin and the substance is found at higher level in the tart variant of cherry. As an example, for each gram of cherry, we could find 13.5 nanograms of melatonin. In general, melatonin also works as an antioxidant and its oxygen scavenging potency is higher than vitamin A, C and E. Melatonin is water and fat soluble, which means that it could enter both the aqueous and lipid parts of our body cells.

Vitamin C could only enter the aqueous part of our body, while vitamin E could enter only the lipid part. By eating enough cherry, we could obtain a good concentration of natural melatonin in our body. As an example, cherries can be mixed to barbeque sauce to neutralize the potential free radical effects. Melatonin could offer us amazing results and adding enough tart cherries on various meat-based dishes could reduce the production of mutagenic compounds. When discussing about the health benefits of cherry, we should know about nutraceuticals. They are components in our food that can prevent and treat diseases, due to the various medical and health benefits.

By consuming cherry regularly, we should be able to obtain higher concentrations of antioxidants in our daily lives. We could obtain various anti-inflammatory properties. Cherry growers typically eat five times more cherries that average people and they are known to have reduced incidence of cancer and heart diseases. Various antioxidative components in cherry fruits are more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E for the same purposes. The red color of cherry fruit is contributed by the presence of anthocyanins. Cherry fruits can be mixed and blended easily with any kind of food to enhance the overall benefits that we can get. Tart cherry could contain up to 16 natural compounds. As mentioned above, melatonin itself is a strong antioxidant that can improve the circadian rhythm and natural sleep patterns of our body.

Beta carotene should help to shorten the lifespan of minor flu or cold. As an antioxidant, it could also improve the operations of our pituitary glands. When beta carotene enters our body, it will be broken down into usable vitamin A. Anthocyanin contributes to the red color of cherry fruits, but there are two other flavonoids, known as proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins. Cherry can be mixed with edible form of aloe vera. All the beneficial benefits of both can be easily absorbed by our body. Regardless of the type of our food, it is a good idea to have a regular consumption of the food.

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