How To Execute A Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

Not all parents choose to announce and celebrate the gender of their unborn child at a baby shower. For some people, a gender-neutral event is much more classy and appealing. It also provides an open concept and complete freedom in the planning and executing process of a baby shower party.

A gender-neutral baby shower offers a wider scope, when it comes to choosing baby stationery items like baby shower invitations and baby thank you cards to send to family and friends. You can also be more creatively flexible when picking your baby shower theme, colours and decorations, as well as the location for the event.

If you’re keen to explore options that don’t reveal if you’re having a girl or a boy, hosting a gender-neutral baby shower is definitely the way to go. To help get you started, here are some practical tips…

Pick Your Theme

The theme of the baby shower helps to provide uniformity and direction for your ideas, and beautifully incorporates all of the elements involved in hosting a successful and fun party for the mum-to-be. When you’re hosting a gender-neutral baby shower you’re not limited to choosing the stereotypical and traditional colour coordinated themes that are generally associated with girls (pink) or boys (blue).

Gender-neutral baby showers offer endless possibilities, whatever the season. You can pick a theme that is based on the personal preferences of the parent-to-be, or opt for the ever-popular and timeless floral or cute animal/jungle themes that are suitable for any time of the year. Alternatively, you can focus on a theme that is season specific – floral for spring, nautical for summer, modern rustic for autumn, and festive wonderland for winter.

It’s also a nice touch to match and coordinate your themed and personalised baby shower invitations with your baby thank you cards.

Choose Your Colour Palette

The colour palette of a gender-neutral baby shower is not restricted to the obvious pink and blue. Gorgeous green tones are perfect for floral, animal and seasonal generic design themes. Soft and subtle shades like white, cream, taupe, grey, yellow and pale sage are ideal for a baby shower that has a more sophisticated vibe. Use your colour palette to tie all of the elements together by featuring it as a base, background or foundation colour for the designs that you feature on the baby shower invitations and baby thank you cards, the decorations at the venue, and also the party food.

A colour palette of vibrant and funky shades offers a broad spectrum for decorating gender-neutral baby shower invitations and baby thank you cards, the party venue and tables. If you love bright and cheerful colours, use them to great effect at a Cinco de Mayo festival or rainbow fiesta inspired gender-neutral baby shower. Go to town with colourful handmade decorations, like bunting and garlands that you can hang up indoors or in the garden. Decorate the party venues with colourful fresh flowers, and delicious and healthy brightly coloured fresh foods that look too good to eat.

Embellish With Decorations

The gender-neutral baby shower décor is specifically designed to display the overall theme that you have chosen for the special event. Your chosen gender-neutral baby shower theme should therefore easily give you tons of inspiration for decorating your indoor or outdoor venue with fabulous shop bought or homemade decorations that enhance the ambience. Use your imagination and creativity to add the smallest details that make all the difference on the day. Add pretty flowers, in your gender-neutral colour palette shades, and plenty of foliage for a glamorous upscale designer look. If you’re working with the popular jungle theme, hide a selection of small animal figurines all over the venue space. Hunting them out can be one of your fun baby shower party games.

Show Off A Centrepiece Cake

When you’re preparing food and drinks for your gender-neutral baby shower don’t forget to set up a buffet station, and a stunning centrepiece cake table. Whilst many mums-to-be choose to provide a colourful assortment of cute cupcakes, as a sweet treat, nothing beats having a showstopper celebration cake on display. Made it the star attraction by placing the cake on the centre table, and arranging the party food around it.

Surprise Your Guests

A gender-neutral baby shower provides you with the perfect opportunity to reveal the sex of your baby to all of your guests at the same time, should you want to. At a gender reveal baby shower, you can choose to surprise your guests by having the sponge interior of your gender-neural designed centrepiece cake dyed pink or blue! Before cutting into the cake, let your guests know that you are about to let them into your well-kept secret. Alternatively, you can opt to associate particular flavours with the specific genders (sugar and spice for a girl/chocolate for a boy), so that you don’t have to feature the traditional stereotypical colours.

Keep Guests Entertained

It’s fun to plan a variety of entertaining baby name games that you can play with family and friends at the gender-neutral baby shower. Break the ice by getting everyone playing guessing games like the Alphabet Baby Name Game and Who’s The Baby? If the baby shower party is outdoors, set up individual stations where guests can get involved in trying out a selection of handicraft activities. Have a selection of themed prizes to hand out to the winners.

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