How Travellers Can Spot Suspicious Behaviors?

Travellers should be able to spot suspicious behaviors that can lead to crime activities and scams. Train depots, airports, busy citywalks and various tourist destinations can become prime places for crimes, especially when travellers are confused easily with the new surroundings. They could be busy figuring out which road to take, while potential criminals are lurking in the corner, waiting for any opportunity. People who travel often can become hapless victims of any petty crime. So, it is important that we have at least a little vigilance to spot any kind of suspicious behaviors and take any kind of precaution. As an example, we should be wary of people who seem to be overly helpful. They could be con artists who want take advantage of our situations.

They could simply tell us that we have ketchup or mustard on our pants, then they would steal our wallet and disappear quickly. When we have phone calls, people may also try to steal our things, because we are too occupied with our conversations. It is important that we properly research our destinations, so we don’t look lost. Travellers need to appear confident, so they won’t be targeted. The best way is by being cautious with everything that we do. If someone offers assistance, we may need to decline politely. We should also regularly check whether someone is following us for more than 15 minutes. We should be able to notice this when we stop and the person also stops. If the person seems to be persistent, then we need to remain in busy areas and keep our back behind the wall.

It is better to wait for 30 minutes until the person loses patience and leaves, then losing a bag full of valuables and important documents. So, when we start to spot someone who appears at almost every place, then it is possible that we are being followed. We may also approach security personnel and tell them about our concerns. It’s better to do this than being mugged when we are at less crowded areas where no one can help us. Travellers should also be cautious of people who act weirdly. It means that the person acts and talks differently than regular locals. If we see someone like it, then we could perceive him as a security risk. Often, our intuition is the best sensor. If someone gives us a creepy feeling, then we should get away and stay away from the person.

Body language may also speak volume about someone’s thought and intention. The person may have an interest on us if he avoids eye contact, turn their body away from us and regularly touch their faces. When we talk with locals, we should stay away from people who seem to contradict themselves. They may tell story that have conflicting details and we ask them about something. If the person is being dishonest about their life story, it is also possible that he has a dishonest intention. On the other hand, the person may have well rehearsed story, with too many details. We may assume that we will become a victim of the crime, when we are in a quiet place with that person.

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