Benefits of Unarmed Security Guard Services

There are several benefits of the unarmed security guard services.



The first benefit is the affordability of these services. When you hire the security personnel that will be armed, then they are going to need to have a license to carry the firearms along with being trained on how to use the firearms. Since their skills are going to be more specialized than the unarmed security services, then it is going to cost a lot more money to hire them. Plus you have to think about the fact that if there are firearms on your premises, then there is a risk that someone could get hurt or killed if the firearms are shot. Along with the hiring fee of the services, you are also going to need to pay insurance for the armed security guards. This means that it is going to make more financial sense to hire unarmed security services.



The second benefit is that the protection is still going to be effective with the guards having to be armed. If you believe that your business is at risk of being robbed, then it might be important to have the armed guards for your business. But if your business is not at risk, then the unarmed personnel is probably going to work great for preventing people from vandalizing your store or trying to steal something from you. The training is very rigorous and will need to be done in a facility that is approved by the state. Plus they are going to have the power to make a citizen’s arrest if they need to. The good thing is the police will be able to help the unarmed guards if a problem happens that they are not able to handle on their own without the use of guns.



The third benefit is that you are going to get a sense of safety for your business. When you are a business owner, you want to make sure that your customers and employees are always going to feel safe. But the armed guards are going to have the opposite effect when you hire them. This is because they are going to carry firearms that are visible so it might send a message out to everyone that your place is dangerous to be in. Therefore, people are going to feel threatened or nervous even though criminal activity might be lower. This means that your company’s image is going to have a negative effect on the business. If the guards are not armed, then people are going to feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable inside your store when they are shopping for your products and services.



The last benefit is that it helps to lower the risk that someone is going to get hurt while they are at your place. This is because when you hire armed guards with training, there is still a chance that someone is going to get shot. This is also a chance that the person trying to rob the place could get the gun away from the guard and shoot some of the employees or customers. You need to be aware that if someone gets hurt or dies in a shooting on your property, then you are going to be held liable since you are the business owner. But the unarmed guard is going to offer the same protection to your store without you having to worry about the risk of violence happening inside of your store when someone that you might not want to come in to steal something from you.

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