What Should You Know Before Visiting An Exotic Country?

Many people prefer going to exotic warm regions for the holidays. Especially in winter. If you are preparing for such a holiday for the first time, then it is highly recommended to read our travel tips. They will help you to prepare properly for the journey and will keep you away from unpleasant surprises.

What Should You Know Before Visiting An Exotic Country?

  • Local food and water

Street vendors cook no worse than the Michelin chefs do. Find out, which of the traders has a queue of local residents in front of him. It indicates the best taste of food. Preference is given to hot dishes, for example, soups. Many spices, ingredients and fruits can cause the strongest allergy. Therefore, unfamiliar dishes are recommended to be sampled in small portions. Most exotic dishes’ taste is very hot. Such food is contraindicated to those who have stomach problems. Ask for fewer spices in your dishes. It will not cause difficulties, as the cooks know about the differences in the tourists’ cuisine.

  • Security

The quality of water almost everywhere leaves much to be desired. Drink only bottled water, pre-checking the tightness of the bottle. Do not ask to add ice to the drinks. Wash fruits thoroughly (preferably with boiling water, bottled water and even with soap). Medical insurance is advised necessarily, as there are additional risks to health for the foreigners in exotic countries.

When you are offered to ride an elephant or to take a photo, for example, with a tiger, always remember that these are wild and dangerous animals. Their behavior is unpredictable. In the sea, special slippers for swimming can save from the risk of stepping on a poisonous jellyfish or sea urchin.

Often there are no strict rules on the roads. The traffic regulation can differ from the one you know. That is why, when hiring a car on rentalcars24h.com, read more about the traffic code of the country you are going to visit. When riding a scooter, always wear a helmet.

It is best always to take cash with you. Take care of the bags, as they are often snatched by passing by motorcyclists.

Going to distant countries, you should pay special attention to what you have in your suitcase and take the most necessary things that you will certainly need. It is important to remember about five things that must be taken on a trip to exotic countries.

What Should You Know Before Visiting An Exotic Country?

  1. Money

– Several bank cards. Before the trip, it is better to warn the bank that you are going abroad; otherwise, there is a risk that the security service of your financial institution will suspect the theft of the card and will block it. In addition, you need to define more exactly, whether you can use your card in this country.

– In contrast to Europe, where it is not difficult to find an ATM, in exotic countries the use of a card can be limited to the hotel and several large stores. Take cash with you- dollars or euros. You should always clarify the commission for the exchange of currency. Use your credit card only in large stores. Withdraw money from the account only in banks, not on the street.

What Should You Know Before Visiting An Exotic Country?

  1. Documents

The most important document, of course, is the passport. It is worth making a copy of it, always with a visa page. The passport itself can be left in the hotel safe, and going sightseeing is possible with its copies. The hotel voucher and electronic flight tickets should be as well left in the safe.

It is worthwhile to carry medical insurance, driver’s license, as well as international student cards, such as ISIC, or professional certificates (for example, if you are a journalist or a museum worker).

  1. Medications

– Digestive trouble occurs in exotic countries among half of tourists. You need to have some medicines from this problem.

Antihistamines. In exotic countries, the organism of a European can have an allergic reaction to plants, spices and even fruits.

– Your organism can respond with a headache on change of climate and time zones. You need to have painkillers in your suitcase.

– Soluble tablets that neutralize the effects of harmful bacteria. In addition, take salt solutions, which protect the body from dehydration.

– Bottle of water with built-in filter. In Africa, Asia, India and Latin America, you should not drink tap water.

– Remedies for motion sickness.

– Bandages, adhesive plasters, hydrogen peroxide and iodine, which is better to take in a form of a pencil, when you are travelling. In the tropics, even small cuts or wounds are dangerous.

  1. Hygiene products and cosmetics

In tropical countries, the sun is very hot, so it is necessary to use sunscreens with a high degree of protection (SPF 20 or SPF 30). The sunburn can be obtained even in the shade and in cloudy weather. In exotic countries, many insects transmit infectious diseases (for example, malaria). It is necessary to have different repellents: creams, aerosols, spirals, gel. Many hotels have mosquito nets, but it is not enough for a comfortable holiday.

What Should You Know Before Visiting An Exotic Country?

  1. Clothes

The choice of clothing in Muslim countries should be done carefully. Outside the hotel, it is better not to walk with your bare hands and in a short skirt or shorts. Women should better wear long skirts and skirt-trousers. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the dress code of the hotel; otherwise, you may simply not be allowed to enter it. For traveling to African countries, it is worth purchasing pastel-colored safari-style clothing. Bright colors attract sunlight and the attention of wild animals.

Of course, you cannot foresee everything, but you need to be as ready as possible for any surprises.

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