How To Be More Sustainable With Your Fashion Choices

With the world making increasing efforts to become more eco-friendly, sustainable clothing is becoming a large part of this movement. The fast-fashion industry is one of the biggest and most negative implications for the environment, exploiting land use, producing carbon emissions, and also mistreating workers in sweatshops in low economic countries. This misuse and mistreatment of the earth are slowly becoming a relevant aspect as people shop more consciously, and starting with your closet is a great way to start becoming more sustainable in your own life.

There are many new avenues for shopping and becoming more sustainable with your wardrobe. Green living is a difficult way of life to introduce suddenly and there is a lot to it, but if you are patient enough to ease yourself into greener living it will make more of an impact than you will be aware of. Here are some of our favourite ways you can start becoming more sustainable with your fashion:


Organise Your Closet 

Everyone needs a good closet clean now and then, but pulling out all of your clothing items and considering what is redundant is a great first step. Looking at all your clothes can give you a better perspective on what clothes you have and how you can make use of the clothes you have forgotten about. We all get the urge to buy new clothing pieces because we think it will boost our style, but in reality, you probably have more than enough items to mix and match all of your outfits to look brand new.


Donate Your Clothes 

This is an effective second step to follow after viewing what is in your wardrobe. Donating any of the clothes you do not need is not only helpful to the environment, but you can send them to a charity shop that can make profits for a good cause. Donating your clothes essentially gives other people the opportunity to buy second-hand clothes and do their part towards avoiding damaging fast-fashion buying. You might also consider selling the clothes on a marketplace website, but either way, you are making the relevant steps toward a greener clothing community.


Go For Organic Materials 

If you are aiming to make your wardrobe completely sustainable, trying out some organic clothing such as womens organic t-shirts is an effective step to make. Organic materials are essentially made from natural agricultural materials such as wool and organic cotton. They avoid being tampered with by genetic modifications that limit the environmental damage and support these harmful processes.


Reuse And Repurpose 

Many of us are guilty of feeling obligated to buy a new outfit or fashion item for an event. Buying new clothes frequently is damaging to the environment and is called unethical if you are looking for more sustainable options. We would recommend wearing outfits that have been worn. As much as you feel uncomfortable wearing clothing that has already been seen, it is unlikely that anyone is judging you for that. Also, it is a good idea to repurpose your current clothing for different scenarios. Try to buy clothing that is universal and can be worn in a multitude of different environments. For example, you might spend extra money on a pair of shoes that can be worn for work as well as going out clubbing.

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