Affordable Baby Product to Make Parenting Easier

While parenting is one of the best experiences in life, it does come with its difficulties. Which is why a helping hand is always a wonderful thing during parenting, and the are some affordable product to do this. Here’s a look at some essential for your baby that won’t cost an arm and a leg to buy.

Boon Squirt Baby Food Spoon

Mealtimes can certainly get messy when it comes to babies, but luckily the boon food dispensing spoon is perfect for feeding. Designed with an easy to clean silicone, its a parent must have at just $6 on Amazon. You’ll find plenty of techniques on how to use it and when it best to start weaning your child away from milk.

Cover All Bibs

The weaning process your baby goes through when trying solid foods is very fun, but also very messy. Which is why every parent should prepare with a weaning bib. Oversized so your baby can learn about food without getting food everywhere, the bib is easy to clean and waterproof so you’ll save a lot of time during meals. Weaning has many different techniques to it so it’s something to read up on as it’s when your baby starts to learn about textures and eating on their own, But you’ll find most people offering advice will suggest getting a proactive weaning bib!

Beebo Bottle Holder

It certainly takes some time to get used to all the feedings that a newborn baby needs and there’s no harm getting a little help during the late and sleepy ones! The Beebo Baby Bottle Holder is a simple device that frees up your hands during feeding. Attach the bottle to the hold and sling it over your should and your ready to go, it’s that simple.

Infantino Squeeze Station

Speed up feeding time and put yourself in control of your baby’s nutrition. The Infantino Squeeze Station lets you make baby food is a much easier way by mixing fruit and vegetables up and you can then squeeze them into the 10 dishwasher safe pouches that come with it. It cuts down meal prepping massively for the day and the meals will be ready as soon as your baby needs them.

Bloom Bath Lotus

Your baby’s best bath, the lotus shape is designed to keep your baby comfy during bathtime. It fits into sinks and baths and your baby will love the cradling feel it gives them! Affordable at around £30 it’s an adorable shape for any cute baby moments you want to snap too.

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