Why You Should Consider Storefront Glass Glazing?

In today’s competitive retail industry, what your store looks like on the outside matters, especially when you’re trying to attract customers to come in and explore. The truth is, no one is going to go inside and look at your products unless your storefront is welcoming and looks good on the outside. So, even though you may be spending a lot of time in making sure your aisles are presentable and decorating your shop’s windows, it will all go to waste unless you have high-quality windows that entice the potential customers to walk in.

With the retail industry growing at an exponential rate, it is essential that you keep up with your competitors. Though you might be spending a lot of time on social media and improving your online strategies, it is vital that you also focus on your physical store and what it has to offer. Storefront glass glazing is something which will significantly increase the chances of your store in becoming noticeable.

Glass glazing is the technique which utilizes a glass wall or window instead of a solid wall. This is an excellent alternative to the traditional concrete walls, and it doesn’t just up the aesthetics of the store but also provides security.

If you’re still not sure about whether or not you should invest in glass glazing, then this blog will tell you about all the benefits you can hope to achieve with glass glazing, the types of glazing and the things you should look for in a provider.

So, without further delay, let’s delve deep into the topic.

Why you should invest in glass glazing

Provides security

One of the first reasons why you should consider installing glass glazing is because it allows for safety and security. If protection for your store is something you worry about, then a glazed entryway will increase visibility without compromising on safety. If you want, you can even choose to hire professionals and ask them to integrate a top-notch security system with the glass so you can control over who comes and goes into your store. A double-glazed wall is also more resistant to shock so it won’t break as easily as others, hence increasing safety even further.

Makes store more appealing

Aesthetic appeal is one of the most significant benefits of glass glazing. Not only will you make your store look more modern when you knock off the walls and replace it with glass but also give customers a chance to look inside, so they know what the shop looks like from the outside. This will automatically fascinate your customers because they will be able to see the high-quality products you have to offer and will walk in after being impressed. In a way, you kill two birds with one stone and get the benefits from each. This is the perfect decision for you if you’re thinking of constructing or renovating your store as it will bring an increase in business too.

Improves energy efficiency

If you decide to go with double glass glazing, then you’ll also be saving a lot on electricity bills. Because this improves energy efficiency, you can hope to keep your customers warm and satisfied even when it’s cold outside. In fact, both double and triple glass glazing will also reduce condensation so you can hope to keep your store free from mold and mildew which causes serious health problems.

Types of glass glazing

Single glazing

The most common type of glazing is single. Windows that are single glazed are made of one layer of glass and was the only type of glass available for a long time. Though this type of glazing was quite famous in the beginning, it may lose popularity because it doesn’t offer the same efficiency as compared to double or triple glass glazing. The single glass glazing is unable to keep the cold out and is responsible for the highest heat loss.

Double glass glazing

Currently, the most popular type of glazing nowadays is double glass glazing. This glazing uses two panes of glass and is used for insulation and noise reduction. The reason why this glass is preferred over single glazing is that it retains heat and keeps out the cold more efficiently. This doesn’t only help you keep your customers fresh and the electricity bills down, but also has a positive impact on environmental factors and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. The extra space between the panes acts as an insulation area while keeping the store bring, so you don’t have to compromise on the light.

Triple glass glazing

Finally, triple glass glazing has gained quite a lot of popularity, especially in urban areas because they help in extreme weather conditions. Much like the double-glazed glass, this technique uses three panes of glass instead of two and assists in increasing efficiency. Though this isn’t something which provides a lot of difference when compared to double-glazed glass, it is recommended if you want to switch from single glazing.

What to look for in glass glazing providers

Though there are a lot of businesses that claim to offer glass-glazing solutions, not all will deliver the quality you’re looking for. This is why you need to check for preferred characteristics and make sure that the provider has them, so you know you’re making the right decision.

Here are some qualities you should check for.

  • Experience: Don’t hire the provider unless you’re sure that they have prior experience doing it. Ask for their references and talk to previous clients, so you know that they are experts.
  • Variety of options: A professional glass provider will always have a variety of options to offer so make sure you hire someone who provides some services and opportunities.
  • Credentials: No one can install storefront glass glazing unless they have the proper licensing and credentials, so make sure the provider has these as well.

Deciding to install glass glazing for your retail store may be the best decision you make for your businesses’ success and the comfort of your customers. So, ensure that you make the right choice and avail the benefits.

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