How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies From Your House?

Fruits are tasty and can be eaten fresh. However, fruit consumption isn’t without slight annoyance. Fruit flies are fast, small and feast on anything organic, including fruits. There are many thousand species of flies and all of them are quite annoying. Fruit flies start to attack rotting flies. Fruit flies are different than regular flies. They are much smaller and only look for fruits to eat. Even so, they could still contribute to food poisoning, infection and other kinds of contamination. Fruit flies have lighter color, which make them more difficult to see than regular flies. Due to this reason, trying to eradicate fruit flies can be a rather daunting task. In general, fruit flies love humid places and they can travel 500 meters away. It is important for you to be able to eradicate all the flying evils. There are tried and tested ways to eliminate them, both using chemical and natural ways. Obviously, it is important to avoid using chemical-based ways, because they could end up contaminating our food. Many chemical-based insect repellents contain dichlorvos, which is both a strong toxin and carcinogenic. If you want to choose chemical-based method, there’s a safer alternative, such as dish soap, which can effectively kill flies.

To do this, you can mix two cups of warm water with 5 drops of dish soap. You can use it to spray on areas with plenty of fruit flies. By doing this, you should have a relatively safe and eco-friendly spray that can remove these tiny insects. To remove trace of dish soap from you fruit, you simply need to wash it with running water before consumption. If you don’t want to use any kind of chemical way to eliminate fruit flies, flytraps are quite useful when placed at areas that are affected by flies. Bug vacuum and flypaper should be quite successful in killing and trapping these flies. If the problem is less serious, you could use battery-powered fly swatter, which is still quite effective. With an agile hand and swift swing, you should be able to zap these flies. Despite being only battery-operated, these zappers could be charged at about 2000V, which could turn any insect into charred remains. When you have a large amount of fruits in your house, for a longer period of time, then you may consider buying an electric fly catcher.

Instead of killing them, you should consider preventing fruit flies from ingesting your house. Lavender, elder, basil and mint could deter many kinds of insects. You can plant them under the windows or put them inside small pots inside the house. By using this method, you should be able to ensure that your house will be naturally fresh. When you do this, you should have a win-win solution. Not only that your house is clean from insects, it will also smell good. Flies hate smoke and bee wax candles with natural lavender ingredient should be able to remove flies. Avoid using petroleum-based candles that can contaminate the interior of your house.

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