Holiday Costumes for Pets: 5 Easy Ideas

The festive season is upon us which means it’s time for good food and even better clothes. These holiday rules don’t exclude your pets. To really bring the season up to the next level, make your pet feel like part of the family by dressing them up for the occasion. They’re bound to feel even more loved and look positively adorable. Here are some easy yet effective costume ideas!

1. An ugly sweater

Everyone knows the true Christmas tradition is finding the ugliest sweater you can and wearing it. Why should your pet be excluded from this tradition? You can easily find ugly Christmas sweaters for pets and make them part of the laughs.

If you’re aiming high, you can try to match and coordinate your outfits. This way, you’ll be the life of the party, and a sure win for this year’s ugly sweater competition.

2. A light-up hoodie

This is a simple yet effective costume suitable for any dog, or even cat. It won’t annoy or aggravate your pet, but will still maintain the holiday spirit. A hoodie can also be practical if your pet gets cold easily, as it will keep them warm.

There are plenty of patterns you can choose from. Some feature lit up Christmas tree, while others can be less elaborate. Whichever design you choose, the spark won’t be gone from your pet’s back.

3. A Christmas bandana or collar

If you’re looking for something simple which will make your pet pop but won’t draw too much attention, you can choose a bandana or a collar. There are plenty of these items available in Christmas colours. They look fancier and a bit flashier than regular bandanas or collars, making them perfect for the holidays.

This is also a good choice if your pet is energetic and messy. They probably won’t like an elaborate costume nor will they want to keep it on, so this is the perfect solution.

4. Santa’s elf

It’s already guaranteed your dog has been a good boy or girl this year, so they might as well help distribute the presents. Dressing them up as Santa’s elf will surely amuse your family and friends as well as bring out the adorableness of your pup.

You can attempt to make the costume yourself, but if you really want your pup to stand out, perhaps it’s wise to buy it from companies such as Snog The Frog. You’ll instantly and easily get the outfit you desire while being able to keep it even after the fun is over for years to come. Santa’s little helper just got ten times cuter, that’s for sure.

5. A walking snowman

There are certain costumes that you can put on your pet which make them look like something else entirely. Such is the walking snowman costume, which only goes on the front of your pet’s body. This way, when you’re looking at them directly from the front, it looks like they’re a cute little snowman trotting towards you.

Some pets don’t appreciate costumes like these, though, so it’s very important to gauge their behaviour before you attempt to make them wear it. This is supposed to be fun for them, too, after all.


As you can see, dressing up your pet in a costume doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort. For a fraction of your time, you’ll be able to enjoy the cuteness of your little friend as well as the positive reactions of the people around you. After all, your pet has a special role to make everyone smile so they might as well dress the part.


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