What Goes Into The Making Of A Fitness App Like NikeFuel

Fitness and Health apps have overtime become one of the most popular app categories. Ever since the freedom and power of health has come directly into the hands of the end users from what was once concentrated with the doctors, the demand has only increased.

Today, every visit to a doctor is backed by the report that the user has collected on his own by being updated with his fitness and health graph. And, since there is a constant need to be healthy, this app category is definitely the one that nothing less of profit and high revenue generation to offer to the businesses who choose to invest in them.

However, this demand has also brought with itself a rise in the number of fitness apps both in play store and app store. So, how do you ensure that yours stand out from the crowd of millions?

In this article we will look into the ways you can make your fitness app the one that users choose to move to their device’s home screen.

Before we get into the factors that would ensure that your fitness app is different from the hundreds of others in the market, let us look into the benefits that these health and fitness apps offer that entice users to install and then use them on a daily basis.

Benefits that make Fitness Apps one of the most Popular App Category

Enables Easy Tracking of Progress

With the help of fitness apps, users are able to track their health in real time. Instead of waiting for a week or sometime for a month to see the progress that they are making in whatever fitness goal they had set for themselves in the gym, users are able to track it on by the minute basis.

The performance graph that the fitness apps come with help users decide if they are moving in the right direction, if their diet plan is working for them, and even lets them know if the set of exercise they have chosen needs to be given more hours or some hours should be cut down.

Gives Workout Ideas

A number of fitness apps come with an access to free workout ideas. Even if it’s not free, the workout ideas can be accessed at a cost which is any day much lower than enrolling in a gym.

Today, every idea related to what exercise needs to be done, the number of sets, and the ideal exercise combination is available to the user on their mobile devices. Mobile apps have undoubtedly brought fitness to everybody’s fingertips without burning a major hole in their pocket.

Helps Monitor Diet on a Daily Basis

A number of health and fitness mobile app users are today using the apps to monitor their diet plan and keep a tab on the calories they are intaking.

The only thing that they need to do is enter their BMI details in the apps and in advance cases their fitness goals and the app gives them a complete diet plan of how much nutrient they need to consume in a day. These apps are also useful in cases when the users have to check how much calories they consumed in a day on a per meal basis.

Makes Health an on-the-move Activity

Fitness and Health based mobile apps have made health an on-the-move activity. The users no more have to think about how their health is progressing. All they have to do is keep their app active while walking or going up and down the stairs.

By informing the users of what diet plan they need to follow or what set of exercises they need to do and in which rep sets, fitness apps brings the information of how their health is progressing and what is lacking straight to the end users.

So here were the benefits that Fitness and Health apps offer to the users, and which are reasons enough for the continuously increasing the fitness app development requirements.

Now that we have looked into the perks of developing a fitness app, let us now move on the features that your fitness app development company should add in your app, if you wish to win the rat race. These are the add on features that come over and above the usual health and diet plan and tracking factors.

                                       Features that you Should Add in your Fitness App

1- Personalization

The one feature that would make your fitness app come on top of all the other similar apps in the market is personalization. By showcasing user specific diet plan or workout routine would take your app far in the long run.

Even if you have BMI specific routines in the backend and there is nothing customized per se, in your app’s UI focus on customized content like user name or age.

2- Geolocation

Using this feature users would be able to track their walk or run route, which would give them a clearer idea of how much distance they covered that led to x amount of calorie burn.

Added with the social elements of the app, users can even make friends who share the fitness goal on the move.

3- Sleep Tracker

In a lifestyle that we are currently following globally, sleep has got an all new emphasis. A sound sleep is now directly proportional to how tired or active you feel when you wake up and how the rest of your day is about to go.

Having a feature that would track sleep is still not a common one in the fitness apps operating in the industry, so having it in yours will definitely place your app apart.

4- Social Feature

One of the ways to keep the users engaged and keep coming back to your app is by adding in the social feature to enable them to share and compete their performance with their friends and family. Social recognition is one of the major factors that drive engagement in fitness based mobile apps, making it almost imperative for you to hit on that.

5- Engaging UI

For an app that will be used everyday and will be kept active at almost every minute of the day, your fitness app’s UI needs to be made of elements that are easy on the eyes and have a lot of white space to make the eye movement easy between screens.

Another point that you should focus on is the icon and font size and style. Both of these elements should be concise enough to not be too distractive and yet visible enough to not be ignored.

Apart from this, you can even make use of AI to help your users be on track with what exercise routine they need to follow next or how much calories that are expected to gain in the coming wedding season and the ways to handle it well in advance. All in all, the possibilities are endless. There are a lot many features that you can add in your app to make it more useful for your users while making them get hooked to your brand.

Now that you know what is driving people to the world of fitness apps and the features that would bring you at par and even on a greater level than the prevalent popular fitness apps, it is time to go ahead with its development and make a mark in the personalized health and fitness industry.

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