3 Common Garage Door Repair Problems and their DIY Solutions

Our lives can get hectic. Juggling work, family, and studies can be stressful but we do our best to pull through. On difficult days, even seemingly small issues like a garage door that doesn’t work right can make our lives more frustrating.

However, you shouldn’t let a non-issue like a broken garage door ruin your day! What you should do is print this article and keep it within easy reach. Why? Because mentioned ahead are the three most common garage door problems that you are most likely to face. With help, any homeowner can anticipate what is causing these issues and solve it themselves!

Both the remote and wall switch have become unresponsive

You have tried using the remote control, but the garage door isn’t budging. Even hitting the wall switch doesn’t do anything. So, what do you do? Firstly, you determine what is keeping your garage door stuck: It could be a disruption of the power source. If that is the case, it means the motor unit is not plugged in. Solve this problem by plugging in the cord in the outlet by the door’s opening all the way.

Tried that but still no positive outcome? Move on to the next probable cause, i.e. a tripped or burned out circuit breaker, GFCI, or fuse. Since these are parts of the circuit that opens the door, you may have to replace the defected item. Try switching on the garage lights next. If they are not functional, the circuit is the problem.

Does it keep tripping although you have replaced the circuit breaker? This indicates a short-circuiting system, which requires the expertise of an electrician.

If it is none of the above, then you might have to call in a professional because the garage door opener’s motor could be burnt. It will need replacement.

Weatherstripping has worn out

If the controls are working fine but your garage door still refuses to close, it would indicate that the circuits aren’t the issue. It could be the weatherstripping. Check the bottom of the door where it is usually installed. This strip of rubber is used to insulate the garage and keep out water and debris. If it has been worn down because of use, all you need to do is slip in a new strip.

Check the garage door to see if it is closing all the way after replacement.

Photo-eye issues

There is a pair of photo eyes on either side of your garage. It detects the presence of an obstruction in the path before the garage door starts to close. While the eyes are used as a safety measure, they can also be the source of your garage door issues.

Misaligned photo eyes could be the reason why your garage door opens normally but doesn’t respond to the remote. In that case, the first thing on your list should be a visual inspection of the photo eyes. Check whether both eyes are pointing in the same direction. Slight differences in the angle could be why they can’t contact each other. When that happens, the door is programmed to remain open, assuming something is in its path.

How will you check the alignment? Measure the distance from each eye to the ground. If the distance is equal, it could be the angle that is the problem. Use a laser or a regular level to align the angle of the photo eyes. Next, check if the garage door responds to the remote control. If it is still not working or if the eyes weren’t out of alignment, then move on to the next probable cause.

The photo eyes are small but the beam of light from each should strike the other for them to work correctly. Dirt on their surface could be blocking the light beams. To clean them, you will need a streak-free cleaner (mild) and a soft cloth. Wipe the eye surface gently with the cloth. Don’t use too much cleaner though because this way more dirt will stick to it. Check the door again to see if the eyes were behind the problem.

If your garage door obstinately remains close even after all this troubleshooting, you may have to stop asking yourself why is my garage door not opening and seek help from the pros!

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