Vintage Accessories For 2019

2019 has come around quick, and if you or your wardrobe isn’t ready for a new year of trends, there are plenty of vintage accessories to add a different twist to your current outfits. Whether you want something for a day to day look in a streetwear style or something for a dressed up occasion here’s a look at some vintage accessories to try this year.



Jewellery is an easy, inexpensive accessory to get behind, you just need to look in the right places. Necklaces and earrings are statement pieces that complete any vintage dress or outfit; currently, feathers, keys and coins designed into the jewellery in a copper or rose gold finish make your jewelry choices look vintage without it actually being worse for wear. Choosing longer necklaces with dangle earrings will highlight the final look for an effortlessly vintage style.



A belt is always a good investment as luxury belts keep their quality much better than something cheaper, and buying a retro belt tends to mean getting something of superior design. For an evening out, ladies designer belts are a perfect accessory for most dresses, and you can tailor your other accessories around it too. Something loose fitting with intricate detail makes for a vintage chain belt you’ll wear over and over again with dozens of different outfits.



It can vary depending on what vintage style you are wanting to style, but a five-panel cap is ideal for a relaxed streetwear look ready for daily use. Neutral colours tend to work best this time of year, but real vintage five-panel caps usually have patterns on them that make a statement. Alternatively, if you want something to match a more formal outfit, a beret can be a perfect choice, and looking for something with a bow or small material flower designed into it was very popular in the 1940s and ’50s.



Whether you need them to see and read or you just like the way they look on you, glasses are always an exciting accessory to shop for. The current vintage trends are surprisingly opposite from one another, thin circular wide glasses in a silver or gold is one choice, and the other is to have something with a thick square frame in a dark colour. It’s hard to say which you will suit more, but if you try a few pairs on, you’ll soon see (pun intended).



What better way to show off your love for everything vintage than with a backpack or handbag. Currently, handbags in squared shape with front pockets and use buckles to fasten are a premium vintage look that are perfect for most outings (and ideal for fitting everything you need inside). Leather backpacks have some similar principles too, thin shoulder straps with front and side pockets add a functionality finish to backpacks where currently most are designed to look good and lack performance.


The wonderful thing about dressing vintage is that there aren’t any wrong choices and you can bring something back into your wardrobes regardless of if it’s 2 years old or 20. As long as you love it and look after it, your vintage styles can continue to make appearances throughout the year!

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