Healthy Lifestyle: 3 Greatest Organic Food Spots in Paris

Paris is a city of love, gourmet cuisine and croissants. But what about those who want to eat healthy and hearty food, while avoiding fatty or animal products? No worries! Paris is a paradise for supporters of a healthy lifestyle, including vegetarians and vegans. Therefore, there are plenty of places to go for lunch or dinner. With the help of International Supplier car rental equipped with GPS navigator, you can easily find the following places…

Wild & the Moon

Let’s start our guide from the place where you can have a delicious lunch, breakfast and drink fresh juice – there is an opportunity to create a personal detox program. There are bowls (9-10 Euros) with the addition of superfoods for a dense meals of quinoa, chickpea, lentils, avocado and algae with the addition of all kinds of vegetables, herbs and sauces.

Salmon and Quinoa dish

Also, you can order sweet bowls with the addition of acai, as well as chia-puddings, healthy snacks and other delicacies. There’s a wonderful tea, variations of coffee-free latte based on turmeric and lavender and cooked with natural almond milk.

In addition to interesting meals, the cafe has an equally amazing atmosphere: the menu on the wall is designed in black and white, similar to the periodic table. The main motto of the café is ‘eat wise’. Therefore, the cafe serves only fresh, healthy and seasonal products, without chemistry, dairy products, GMOs and harmful sugar. Don’t hesitate, specify the composition of the dishes – the friendly staff will tell you everything.

Address: 55 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-7pm

The cost of a cup of coffee on vegetable milk: 5-6 Euros


Love Juice Bar


Another equally fashionable place is located on a nearby street. The history of this cafe begins with the production of cold pressed juices. Gradually, the place grew to a full-fledged establishment with amazing acai bowls (9 Euros). They are insanely tasty, with a terrific consistency and texture of each ingredient.

Salad with tomato pepper and cucumber, food close up

The founder of the cafe prepares all these delicacies on her own, and for more than 10 years she has been a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. In this recently-established cafe, you can find only dishes made of organic products. And not only dishes – even food containers are made not from harmful plastic, but from corn.

The menu offers raw desserts, kale salad (9.5 Euros) and nutritious toast with avocados on gluten-free bread (8 Euros) for those who don’t like sweets. Drinks are introduced with a variety of teas, juices and smoothies.

The cafe itself is very cozy, bright, with marble tables. The only thing is that Love Juice Bar is quite small.

Address: 26 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris

Opening hours: Monday, Thursday-Saturday 10am-6pm

The cost of a cup of espresso: 3 Euros


Hank Burger and Pizza

These are two places of the same chain, where you can eat healthy fast food: Hank Burger and Hank Pizza. HANK is the abbreviation of Have A Nice Karma, which fully reflects the philosophy of the establishment: no animal products.

Greek Basil Wild Rice Dish

Image Credit:

The interior of the burger cafe is made in the original style: low wooden tables and cabinets, pillows on the benches, cute wallpapers and shabby walls. At the same time, it’s always full of people – from office clerks to hipsters. Everyone is sitting, chatting, and having fun.

Coziness is facilitated by an informal atmosphere and pleasant music. But the pizzeria features less street style and the emphasis in it is made rather on a beautiful interior. Both establishments of the chain work seven days a week, from 12pm till 10pm. This is a great rarity for Paris, so after long walks around the city come there to warm up and rejuvenate.

Veganer Flammkuchen mit Bedda Frischkäse mit Kräutern und Pilzen, Paprika und grünem Spargel

The only drawback, which is not uncommon for small French cafes, is that you can only pay in cash there.

So, and now a few words about food. In the burger café you will be offered two sets of options to choose from: a burger, salad or potato, a drink with a dessert (15 Euros) or without it (13 Euros). In the menu there’s an option for an additional 2 euros to replace the bun with a gluten-free one.

The burger can be made in different sizes: standard (8.5 Euros) and smaller. In each of them, you will get a red onion, pickled cucumber, tomato, salad and vegan cheese. Next, you’ll have 5 choices of chops with various additives to choose from, including the burger of the day, the taste of which depends on the season and the chef’s mood. Desserts are somewhat banal, but cool: cookies with chocolate (2 Euros), carrot cake (3 Euros) and dessert of the day (3 Euros). Speaking of drinks, tea, coffee, juices, bionade, beer and wine are available.

Griechischer Salat mit Oliven, Tomaten, Fetakäse und Kräutern in Glasschale vor weißem Hintergrund

In the pizzeria you’re offered a very wide selection of pizza (5 Euros), including the gluten free pizza (6 Euros). Everything is very tasty there, although, it’s rather the American version with the lush pizza dough than the Italian on the thin one.

Address: Hand Burger – 55 rue des Archives, Hank Pizza – 18 rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 12pm-10pm

The cost of a cup of coffee on vegetable milk: 2 Euros



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