Things You Should Know About Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are valuable when storm happens regularly in your area. Glass and flying debris may damage valuable items and injure people inside the house. When a few windows are broken, the wind will enter and create a higher pressure inside the interior of your house. Because the wind is trapped, it will push against the internal walls and the ceiling. Eventually, the wind may rip your roof off. This devastating damage could be prevented only by having reliable hurricane shutter inside your house. This is a relatively affordable investment, compared having to rebuild the roof and replace all the items inside your house.

If you want to have the easiest and most convenient option, you should choose the roll shutters. This type of shutter should be ideal for any kind of opening in the windows. You may operate it manually using a crank handle, from outside or inside of the building. For an added convenience, it is a good idea to motorize the roll shutters. However, you should still need to have a manual override, because the motor component can be damaged. A wind sensor can also be installed to automatically close the shutter, when hurricane is imminent. You need to properly install the roll up shutter, so there will be a minimal impact on your architectural integrity.

You should also choose Bahama or Colonial shutters, which can make your house look more charming. You can also close them easily during a hurricane. They should be able to provide enough control and security with a minimal degree of maintenance. It is important that you can secure the shutter from the insider. Accordion shutter is another solution to provide protection against strong wind and heavy storm. However, you should be aware that accordion shutters may have strong impacts on the architectural style. So it is important for you to install it carefully, so you will be able to minimize unwanted effects.

Storm panels should be an effective and simple protection against hurricane. You should be able to install them horizontally or vertically. You may also install them permanently using sills and headers. If you think that the hurricane shutter doesn’t have the right color, you may paint it if you want. Another thing to consider is to buy and install shutters at the right time. It’s no fun trying to install the shutter when storm in only days away according to the weather forecast.

A heavy flying object, like a billboard may badly crumble your shutter and even break the window, but the shutter should still provide enough protection to deflect much of the incoming wind and debris. The main goal is to significantly reduce the degree of damage. There’s no ultimate solution to provide your perfect protection against storm. However, you can guarantee that the damage will be significantly minimized or even avoided completely. If you are really in a hurry, you may still use plywood with ¾-inch thickness, which needs to be nailed to your windows. It should be enough to protect your windows, except for the fastest and heaviest flying object.

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