Choosing A Proper Steak Grade

There are many factors that you should know before you choose an excellent grade of steak. In general, fresh is a better option than frozen one, although it’s not always possible. With proper aging technique, red meat, such as steak should develop tenderness and flavour due to the effects of enzymes. Make sure that you get good steak, which is packaged and handled correctly. Aged meat should be placed at very slightly above the freezing temperature, so you need to make sure that the process work well. The meat should last about 6 weeks when stored with this method. Freezing method at very low temperature could cause water inside the meat cells to expand causing damages to the inner parts of the cells. When thawed, the meat will lose moisture and it will become dryer compared to the pre-frozen state. Standard freezing method could cause degradation in the taste and texture of the meat. Blast freezing method should be able to preserve meat in a better way. The texture won’t change and there’s also no change in taste.

When choosing meat, you should also consider whether the animal was grass fed or grain fed. In general, grass fed is considered as becoming more flavourful and natural. Branded and premium producers that provide quality beef in the market typically grass feed their cattle. The breed of cow, consistency and type of grass could also determine the taste of the meat. It means that grass fed have already become the buzz words in the meat industry. Another factor includes marbling and organic growing methods. However, we should be aware that marketing around meat products could be based on our fears and hopes. It means that you should choose the most consistent brand in the market. As an example, cattle from a country known for its natural farming methods and lush pastures may likely provide grass feeding option. Some types of grass could create better marbling inside the meat. Some special types of grass could produce marbled meat with rich, creamy flavour, so you should research for such type of meat.

Some lambs could also provide us with tender meat, although they are harvested from mature animals. You should also know that some breed of cows don’t have genetic pre-disposition to meat marbling. Even with the best grass and farming methods, you won’t get even the slightest trace of marbling in the meat. You should also choose beef from well known butchers. They are able to organize different parts of the beef depending on the characteristics. They could also remove and trim excess fat layers, making the meat and steak heathier. In general, grass fed is a good indication that the meat is likely marbled and has better taste. Grain feed beef is usually for more industrial purposes and the result may not be similarly good. It may take some experiment to understand what kind of marbling that suits your taste. In this case, you should balance between taste and price.

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