Things That Have Got us Through COVID and Lockdown

We are nearing the end of lockdown and many restrictions are going to be lifted soon. However, this article is going to take a look at some of the things that kept us going through lockdown.


If you remember very early on during Covid, Houseparty was an extremely popular social media app that allowed multiple people into a chat room where you could sit and talk. You could play games with the other people in the houseparty call and some people started doing quizzes through the app as a way to keep sane.

Houseparty did not last that long, probably about three months before getting bored of it, but it did keep us in touch with our friends. 


This boomed in 2020 and provided many of us with hours of entertainment and is still going strong now. It was very similar to the famous app called Vine however content creators were no longer to post on Vine in 2016. Many people got involved with creating videos themselves as well as helping music trending across the world with dance routines. 


Netflix has been around for many years now and was very popular before Covid-19. However, Netflix saw Covid-19 as an opportunity to release many shows and films during lockdown providing us with days of entertainment when we had absolutely nothing to do. We cannot thank Netflix enough for Tiger King. 

Netflix won many awards at the golden globes and took the top spot for studios and networks which was no surprise to anyone. Many Netflix originals were published during lockdown and not all of them were great but they still provided us with entertainment. 


Loungewear, something else that was also very popular before Covid but became even more popular due to us not going out all day and remaining indoors. Urban streetwear is amazingly comfy and perfect for when you are remaining on the sofa all day. It was even great for when we went on our daily walks for whatever the temperature was at the time. 

Loungewear is also great for exercising in. If the temperature was too cold for some shorts when going for a run then it may be best to put on some tracksuit/ joggers to keep your legs warm as you are going around the block. If you were not the loungewear type then you either got dressed differently every day or remained in your pyjamas/ onesie. 

Exercise (Home workouts)

With the closure of gyms, many of us found it difficult to remain fit. However, personal trainers saw this as a brilliant opportunity to do online classes or outdoor classes. In the early stages, home workouts were the thing to do at the beginning and we would have been lost without them. 

To conclude

We all handled lockdown very differently but many of us resorted to the same things. Without the likes of Netflix and Houseparty as well as wearing the same clothes nearly every day, we would have been lost.

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