Best Summer Style For Petite Women


Sure, being petite has some downsides. You can’t reach the top shelf, people block your view at concerts and you basically have to jog to keep up when walking with your taller friends, but all is not lost. Being petite can be a huge bonus in the fashion department. Okay, you may have to take a pass on some maxi dresses but everything else is fair game.


If you want to nail your summer style and look absolutely stunning, here are some staples you need to add to your closet ASAP:


A Fitted Dress


Adding a fitted dress to the mix gives you a chance to show off your curves. Flowing dresses or draped fabrics can overwhelm your frame. A close fitting dress, or wrap dress, will define your waist and add the appearance of length.


A High-Waisted Pant


Pants that sit higher on the waist, create the illusion of height by making your lower half look longer. If you need to, alter the length of the pant so the hem falls in just the place. High-waisted pants are perfect for dressing up or striking a more casual note. Try them with a beautiful silk blouse or cool crop top.


A Crop Top


Speaking of crop tops, they are a petite gal’s best friend. A crop top coupled with a high-waisted short or skirt will accentuate your figure by drawing attention to your waist. And because the eyes are focused on your midriff, your legs will have the illusion of length.


A Mini Skirt


One of the truly great benefits of being petite is that you can totally kill it in a mini skirt. Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you can’t show off those gams.


A Vertical Stripe


Your mother was right when she told you that vertical stripes will make you look taller. Not only that, they will make you look slimmer and trimmer too. Whether you go with a bold, wide stripe or a classic pinstripe, is up to you and your personal style. It doesn’t matter if you wear the stripes on top, bottom, or a head to toe matching outfit, you WILL look taller.


A V-Neck


V-neck tops draw the eye up and will make your body look long and lean. This is true in any style of top. A v-neck blouse with a high-waisted skirt is a perfect professional look and when you’re looking for something fun and flirty, try a v-neck bodysuit with a pair of short shorts like look shown above from Tiger Mist.


A Matching Set


Adding colour to your wardrobe can be a lot of fun. This is especially true when you opt for a monochromatic head to toe look. Streamlining your colour in this way creates long lines that tricks the eye into seeing length that isn’t actually there.


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