The Do’s and Don’t of the Retro Sportswear Trend

Currently, sportswear is all about tech fits designed to optimised an athletics performance, giving the user the ability to run further score more and just become better overall. While these garments are aesthetically pleasing in the right environment, they aren’t exactly stylish. It’s never going to work when you try to pair a tight activewear top with a pair of jeans, however, retro styles can give you a stylish sporty vibe.

If you wondering how you can pull off an urban streetwear style by using some retro sports clothing, here are the do’s and don’t of the trend:


Know Your Logo’s

While millennials won’t know some of the A-grade retro brands everyone used to wear, picking the right brands is key to the style. Ellesse, Kappa, Champion and Reebok and come back in full force and while they are offering new stylish lines, they stay true to their vintage routes. Going for big logos and essential garments work well for the retro sports style, pair a big hoodie with jeans, joggers and modern trainers to highlight the brand.

Retro brands can easily take you down the wrong route, brands such as Slazenger, Umbro and Le Coq Sportif are retro but offer a cheaper look that, may look more like you’ve just wanted to buy a cheap pullover hoody. Know Your Brands.


Festival Flavour

There aren’t many rules when it comes to festival fashion, but if you’re looking to prolong some of the trends and take them to the streets, retro sportswear is a goer. 

Shell-style tracksuits, shoulder bags and lots of layers will work well for the A/W19 season. Darker coloured outfits finished off with some simple retro Nike or Adidas trainers will send a little reminder to everyone that see’s that festival season isn’t just the summer. Jacket with a simple sports stripe down the shoulders ads an extra bit of retro to a sports style.


Just Twist Your Trainers

Sportswear trends don’t just have to be your tops and bottoms, with mens urban clothing styles you can try out some cropped joggers or jeans a with some retro trainers. Oldschool Airmax 95’s, Saucony’s or Asics make up some of the best choices for retro sports trainers and pairing them up with a smart casual look shows your complete intention behind the look.


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