5 Things You Should Be Aware of Before Replacing Your Windshield

A windshield is more than just a visual feature on your car. It offers safety and protection from the elements so it’s important to keep it in good condition. However, windshield should be taken seriously and here are the things you need to know before replacing it.

1. Your windshield may need repair, not replacement

The size of the crack will determine whether your windshield needs replacement or a repair. Some advice to try the one-dollar method and determine which procedure you need. Namely, if the crack is smaller than the one dollar bill – you need a repair, otherwise, you will have to replace the windshield.

Of course, this is not a reliable method and you will still need to consult an expert. Multiple points of damage will also determine what needs to be done, as well as the location of the crack or chip. Whether the damage is inside or outside also makes the difference, or if it obstructs driver’s vision and ability to drive.

2. It’s not an expensive process

Repair and replacement of windshield don’t cost a lot of money, although you can hardly call them cheap. However, your vehicle insurance may pay for this, so you should check it with your insurance company first before driving the car to the shop. However, getting a professional service will definitely save you the money on the long-run due to warranty, proper equipment and expertize.

3. Prevent the damage

In order to know how to prevent the damage, you need to know what causes it. One of the most common enemies of the windshield is the temperature change. While your windshield can withstand the extreme weather, it will suffer the consequences over longer periods of time.

Sunlight, snow, hot and cold temperatures are all part of the problem and will eventually lead to cracks and chips on the windshield surface. Also, debris from the trees, wind-carried stones and pebbles, as well as things you encounter during driving are also the reason you may need replacement. To avoid this, keep your vehicle covered, under a carport or in a garage and you will avoid other damages too.

4. It’s not a DIY project

Tempted as you may be, replacing a windshield shouldn’t be your ‘Do It Yourself’ project. It may seem easy, but it’s actually a complex process and requires experts’ hand such as New Image Auto Glass. Replacement and repair of windshield require specific equipment in order to finish the job in a proper and safe way. If you fix the windshield on your own, you are risking to cause bigger and more expensive damage, as well as to endanger the user of the vehicle and their passengers.

5. Regular maintenance

Take your car to the experts every year to look for cracks or other possible damages to the windshield. Catching there early on will save you money and further damage, like breaking when you are on the road. Even the smallest chip will impair the integrity of your windshield and make it weaker, not to mention it will prove to be a bigger problem later.

While you may have been told that you will need replacement even in these cases of minor damage, that is not true. Only a professional can determine the severity of the damage and decide whether it needs repair or replacement. Keep your windshield clean appropriately and even for the slightest scratch, consult an expert and take care of it.


Replacing your windshield may be the first thing on your mind when you notice damage, but that may not be the case. Drive your vehicle to experts and let them give you an assessment on whether your car needs replacement windshield at all or just a repair. And finally, performing regular maintenance and keeping your car away from the elements and debris will help you preserve the integrity of your windshield longer.

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