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The holidays can be a great time to unwind and spend your days kicking up your feet on a beach in an exotic destination away from the hassle and bustle of everyday life. Croatia proves to be one such a place and if you visit the country regularly, then it would make sense to get yourself a vacation home that can be your fortress away from home. That said, here are some important pointers on buying a vacation home in this beguiling coastal country.

Get a fully licensed agency

This arguably the most important bit and you have to deal with a real estate Croatia agency that is not only fully licensed but also has a good reputation as well. The government has strictly regulated who can practice in accordance with a set code of conduct and a standard exam that all aspiring agencies have to pass. Lucky for you though, getting a recognized agency is extremely easy as there are many you can look up online.

A good lawyer is also key

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Next on your to-do list is getting a good lawyer who can help you understand the intricacies of Croatian title deeds which is usually referred to as a ‘Vlasnicki List’ that loosely translates to ‘ownership list’. It comes in three parts namely:

  • The property plot number as substantiated by a cadastral map.
  • The ownership percentages.
  • The property charges from taxes to mortgages and anything in between.

Seek the services of a good, reputable lawyer before embarking on any property purchase. She/he will help you determine if a vacation home meets safety standards as required by law and whether a title deed up for sale is legally sound and if not, how to get around that resolved.

The Dalmatian area is a great place to buy

Dalmatia – source Pixabay

So why is buying in Dalmatia the way to go, well it’s simply down to the region’s close proximity to the Adriatic sea hence its where all the action takes place. Also, the bus service in the region is very good. Towns such as Split and Dubrovnik are great buys but Makarska is the best of the bunch because it is smaller and has the homiest, friendliest feel about it. Appartments are a particularly popular choice for vacation homes as they are easy to maintain and rent.

The general living condition in Croatia

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If you are going to spend a number of weeks every year in this beautiful country, it’s only right that you familiarize with the living situation. For one, the economy is experiencing a bit of a renaissance so it’s a great time to invest in a vacation home which you can rent out for a good sum while you’re away. The cost of living is also extremely friendly to foreigners and with regards to culture, the Croatian people are very friendly and inviting. Most of the citizens can speak English though you could memorize a few native phrases to help you get around.

Medical care in Croatia is extremely affordable so you need not worry about getting good insurance cover without paying through the nose. If you come from an EU member state, you can get an EU cover and to compliment your local insurance cover.

That’s just about it. Remember the key to getting a vacation home without breaking a sweat hinges upon getting a good lawyer and a top-notch real estate agency. It also takes a little bit of patience and an early start so that the legal process can run its course so that you can purchase your vacation home in time.

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