Suit Up Your Legs: 5 Chic Ways To Wear Thigh High Hosiery

Girls always wanted to look sexy and chic with every outfit they wear. Thus, one way to spice up the apparel you wear is to put on thigh-high hosiery. This kind of clothing does not only keep your legs warm but also adds up vigor to your style and looks. Thigh high hosiery or socks are perfect if you want to look sensual and sexy especially for a date-night.

Using thigh high stocking gives class and elegance to whoever wears it. It can give a woman the pleasure to feel sexy and free because it doesn’t have tight or restrictive element around your hips.

Hence, despite all the benefits of wearing thigh-high hosiery, the flip side of it is that it could also ruin how you look if you don’t know how or when to wear it. With this, here are some chic ways to guide you on how to wear thigh high hosiery.

Make a Bold Statement with Thigh High Stockings

Suit Up Your Legs 5 Chic Ways To Wear Thigh High Hosiery

Before jumping into buying thigh high hosiery, try to figure out what kind of socks do you like. Consider what you want and what you need. Also, try to assess the length and shape of your legs. By then, you can make a bold statement with what type of stocking is best for you.

Also, try to ask questions to yourself first. What types suits you? Do you want it to look sexy? Or you just want a comfortable and warm yet stylish kind of socks? From here you will know what to buy by the time you decide to have a thigh high.

Boast It Up With Ankle Boots and Flats

When wearing a thigh high stockings, you need to be very careful about what shoes you want to wear. It would be a perfect choice for you if you wear an ankle and flat type of boots to avoid looking off.  Also, try to match your shoes with the color of your thigh high stockings, then it will be splendid.

Also, upon wearing thigh high socks, avoid using pumps and trainers especially when you decide to go with a mini skirt.

Layer With Patterns

We all know that thigh high stocking is mainly for comfort, especially in spring and winter. On the other hand, as we wanted to feel warm and dry, why not give it a little spin-off and style?

Try to mix and match thigh high socks. You may pair plain color stockings with neutrals and layer it. You may also create an eye-catching effect by matching textured thigh high socks with bright colors while layering it over plain hose tubes tights.

Spice Up With Shorts and Rompers

Suit Up Your Legs 5 Chic Ways To Wear Thigh High Hosiery

If you’re concerned about what to wear on both autumn and spring months, shorts and rompers are lifesavers. This kind of apparels will surely work in both types of weather. To spice things up, wearing thigh high stockings with shorts and rompers can create a strikingly casual look on whoever wears it.

However, when you choose to match up shorts and rompers with thigh-high hosieries, you have to be careful. You need to consider the balance of its color and styles. In case you decide to wear denim or patterned shorts with thigh highs, you will look fairly laid back. Then, if you want to look more like a discerning chic, structured and tailored shorts will do.  

Be Ladylike with Drape Dresses and Billowy Skirts

Mixing your thigh high stockings with casual drapes and billowy skirts can create proximity of effortless sexiness.  It can be alluring, but if you do not overdo your matches and you focus on the key to balancing your pair up, it’ll look chic on you.


All women especially those who are so keen on their physical appearance always wanted to be appreciated on how they look. Thus, adding aesthetics to a woman’s character is somewhat confusing. Hence, wearing thigh high hosiery is one way of making a woman look extra appealing.

However, wearing thigh high stockings can be so complicated especially when it comes to choosing what color or type to wear. Deciding to put on thigh highs will lead you to two outcomes. It’s either you look stunningly chic, or you look distinctly off.

Thus, you may consider the information above to help you decide for your thigh high hosiery choices. Sites like Seed Heritage is also a great reference for your needs.

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