Safety First: 7 Tips on How to Make Your Home Furniture Accident-Proof

You may think that you are safe and secure inside your home, but the truth is that accidents do happen, one way or another, wherever you are, even inside your home. And a few of these accidents involve our furniture. The victims are either us parents or our kids.

Children just cannot stay in place. They love to climb, jump, hide, and go under furniture during their play time. In other words, children like to transform the house into their extended playground, and this will make accidents more than likely.

However, these accidents are avoidable if you just choose your furniture wisely. Make sure that your furniture pieces passed the quality and safety standards to prevent accidents like furniture tip-overs. Here are some other easy and simple tips to make your furniture accident-free.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

It is a good practice to read manufacturer guidelines every time you buy something, especially if it concerns the safety of your family. The safety manual will come in handy when you want to use something more safely and efficiently.

For example, you must know how much weight a piece of furniture can hold. If a TV stand, for instance, can only support a 25-pound TV, do not place a 30-pound TV on it. Put that TV on a stand specially designed for that TV’s shape, size, and weight.

As for flat screen TVs, you can mount them to the wall. There are safety straps and screws when you buy flat screen TVs, so you will not have to worry anymore about buying those safety straps separately. And do not put your flat screen TVs on a stand not designed for them.

If you think those flat screen TVs do not cause injuries when tipped over because of their thinness, well, think again. It could still be a risk to you and your children. So, read and follow manufacturer’s guidelines.

Make Your Top-Heavy Furniture Secure

As the accidents involving furniture are increasing by the day, manufacturers now design their products in a way that will provide utmost safety and security.

Bookshelves, dressers, and media stand now come with safety features such as straps and anti-tip brackets. This safety features will make your furniture secure in their place to prevent accidents such as tip-overs. You should avoid straps and anti-tip brackets that use plastics for material as it can degrade as time flies.

Choose Furniture Pieces That is Non-Slip

It may sound simple and obvious, but it compels reminding. For sure, lightweight, glossy furniture pieces may look elegant and appealing, but if they are prone to slipping, there will be likely accidents waiting to happen.

Avoid choosing tables that are quickly moved or pushed over because they are not the best tables for placing hot drinks and foods. Also, a chair that can promptly fall over is not a good choice for children to sit on.

The Furniture Paint Should Not Be Toxic

Safety is the magic word. You should make sure that your furniture pieces passed safety standards, especially when it comes to their paint finishes. Small children make it as their hobby to bite at the edges of their chairs and bunk beds. So, you should always keep in mind to buy furniture pieces that do not have a toxic coating.

Avoid Furniture Pieces That Have Sharp Corners and Edges

It is a hazard for children who love to play around the living room if you have chairs and tables with sharp corners. It would be good if you do not buy these furniture pieces with sharp and pointy edges in the first place or you support them with cushions to avoid accidents when running kids bump into these pieces.

Ditch Your Old, Rickety Furniture

You put your family at risk if you still use your old, dilapidated furniture in your house. As time goes by it is just average that they will be subjected to wear and tear. When this happens, they cannot be any more sturdy for use in your home, and it may compromise your family’s safety. You can look for a high-quality furniture in sites like Black Mango to replace your old ones.

Go for Low, Wide Dressers for Storage

Choose a storage that is low-level and has a sturdy, broad base because it will prevent your kid from climbing and falling over when accessing his toys or other belongings. You should also consider anchoring drawers, bookcases, wardrobes, and cupboards to the wall, so your kid cannot pull them down.


You should keep it as your priority the safety of your family, especially your kids. You should make sure that the furniture pieces you buy passed the safety standards to maintain an accident-free home.


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