Relax Your Mind: 7 Great Yoga Studios in New York

Every day we try to eliminate the effects of stress, worries, lack of sleep and yoga is a great way for that. Yoga and a healthy lifestyle are not only relevant and modern, but also extremely useful trend.

It has long entered the life of modern people, especially those who live in such a big metropolis like New York. Someone goes on yoga to enjoy meditation or find his own Zen. However, some people want to improve the health of the spine, as well as learn to make a longitudinal twine or a handstand. Regardless of your initial goal, yoga will always help you achieve the desired result.

We have prepared the list of yoga centers available in New York, so that you can choose your best place to relax…

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga_CG_604

(photo by Brandie Frommelt)

If you have long been interested in yoga and are looking for something new, then we advise you to try Bikram. This is exactly the same yoga, but only ‘hot’ one. The session takes place practically in the sauna, where you perform more than 20 asanas per each lesson. It’s believed that in such extreme conditions a person better control his breathing, and the muscles and body become more flexible. Bikram studios can also be found in different parts of the city, and the price for a month of unlimited classes is about $40.

Address: 518 W 145th St, New York


Golden Bridge Yoga

My Favourite Yoga Teacher Alessandra practicing @ Templeton doing Utthita trikonasana pose

(photo by Dawn Newton)

Absolutely authentic and very sincere Golden Bridge Yoga studio is located in Soho, near Little Italy district, and New York will be a very convenient way to reach it from any spot of the city. Figures of the Buddha, interesting smells and gong at the end of each lesson are just a small part of what the studio offers. By the way, there is a special option of $30 for two weeks for newcomers throughout the year. But get prepared for the fact that only Kundalini-yoga is taught there, which is slightly different from other types of yoga. Keep in mind that Kundalini-yoga is not only the most ‘quick’ in achieving the result, but also the most difficult and even dangerous of all Indian spiritual practices.

Address: 3214, 253 Centre St, New York


Laughing Lotus Yoga Center

Child's Pose | Balasana

In this Center, classes of vinyasa-yoga are held, where different sequences of asanas are performed in dynamics. The founders of the Center – Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkesi – bring not only a new approach to the yoga scene of New York, but also a sense of the common cause and unity of teachers and students. Dana and Jasmine spent their first classes during the sunset on the roofs of the houses, and now the groups do yoga in a beautiful hall in Chelsea with the area of ​​about 130 square meters. In total, 15 sessions are held per day, including the early morning class called ‘Greetings to the Sun’. Laughing Lotus organizes retreats, in which everyone can take part.

Address: 636 6th Ave 3rd floor, New York


Jivamukti Yoga Center

This long narrow outbuilding to the famous Manhattan Yoga Center cannot boast of either celebrity clients, or overcrowded classes. However, if you devotedly follow the path of jivamukti yoga, you won’t be disappointed.

Paschimottanasana 12510-w-48

The center was created by Sharon Gannon and David Life. Classes begin with the chanting of mantras, and the main part of the lesson is composed of sequences of postures that should be performed smoothly, but energetically enough. One of the necessary components of the practice of jivamukti yoga is the study of ancient texts, and therefore Jivamukti Yoga Center holds classes dedicated to yoga sutras and Sanskrit language.

Address: 841 Broadway 2nd Floor, New York


Sonic Yoga

This studio, which has existed since 2002, was founded by former lawyer Jonathan Fields, known for his own approach to yoga. The center is located in a bright and spacious modern building.

Bodhisattva Yoga

The goal of the weekly ‘Theta-flow’ classes is to immerse the student in a deep meditative state by using a certain combination of sound, rhythm and color.

Aromatherapy is not used there, and therefore the allergy cannot become a reason for the student’s refusal to attend classes. In the halls, the temperature is constantly maintained at 27°C, so get ready – you’ll have to sweat.

Address: 944 8th Ave, New York


Prana Yoga Center

Danisha Embron learned ashtanga-yoga while studying at Columbia University. Her teacher was Beryl Bender Birch. Six years ago, Danisha opened her own Prana Yoga Center, which very quickly became popular among those who prefer practicing ashtanga-yoga.


It provides classes for students of different levels of complexity, as well as Mysore practices. The Center’s facilities are minimal: there are no showers or lockers, but the attention of teachers and the thoughtful construction of each lesson compensate this shortcoming.

Address: 164-3 Northern Blvd #2fl, Flushing


Sky Ting Yoga


(photo by Billy Cassalli)

The small Sky Ting Yoga studio impresses first of all, with its stunning interior: it’s absolutely white and with a lot of light. It seems to have been created for meditation and yoga. The number of classes in the studio is very diverse and abundant, and you can get the ‘beginners class’ for only $30 per 3 lessons. Also, you can learn pranayama-yoga breathing techniques there. The studio is located in Chinatown.

Address: 17 Allen St, New York



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