Intricate Romantic Style Guide for Fashion-Forward Women

Even if you’ve never heard of the intricate romantic look, chances are, you’ve seen it. It is one of the trendiest styles on the streets and runways right now, and unlike many other trends that come and go, this one has staying power. The reason is simple: it’s founded in more than fleeting fads, it’s founded in the whole romantic ideology. However, the intricate romantic cannot be confused with the naive romantic.


While naive romantics exude a certain childlike openness, intricate romantics are shrouded in mystery. They smile but don’t smile too wide. It’s hard to get a reading on what exactly is going on, but you get a sense there is a quiet, observant and agile intelligence behind the seemingly soft appearance. That is the intricate romantic, and that’s the style we’re going to talk about mastering today.


Romantic Understatement


You may think of romance as something overblown and accessible, and while this can be the case with innocent romantics, the intricate romantic style also belies a knowledge of the realities of romance. This duality is at the basis of the intricate romantic look. The style is feminine and soft but also exudes strength and confidence.


Take this dress from Aje. The soft pink colour of the dress and flouncy, feminine skirt speaks to the romance, but the black flower print and the rigidity of the halter showcase a subtle boldness.


You don’t have to achieve this with one piece, though. You can use accessories to create the duplicity of the intricate romantic style. For instance, a flowing white lace dress could be paired with black leather accessories to foster this fashion.


Leave a Little Mystery


As we’ve already mentioned, the intricate romantic style includes an element of mystery: the feeling you are hiding something. For this reason, the look is not obvious in any way. Sure, it’s striking, but it doesn’t scream who you are to the world  — not in the way a yellow leather pencil skirt and tight black crop top might. It leaves people intrigued, and guessing.


Whereas more innocently romantic look would call to mind visions of a Sleeping Beauty-like character, the intricate romantic look would be reminiscent of a Bronte heroine. There is something attractively intangible, just below the surface, but totally inaccessible. This is part of the allure of the look.


Romantic Embellishments


Rather than having an overly flowery or flowing dress, an intricate romantic picks out elements of the whimsical and keeps the rest of the look grounded. So while an innocent romantic might wear a white dress with a pale floral print, the intricate romantic would adopt the floral print on a darker colour background. An intricate romantic would embrace a lace ballgown, but select black lace instead of a soft yellow.


It’s all in the edge…


Pulling off intricate romantic style is all about knowing how and when to apply a little edge. The tips and examples mentioned above showcase simple and effective ways to do this, but in the end  — when you’re out there on your own trying to put a look together — it really comes down to embracing your inner intricate romantic: that part of you that’s still a romantic at heart, despite knowing the perils. There’s no blind, wide-eyed hope: but there is hope, and your heart is cautiously open. Embody this in your look, and you’ve nailed intricate romantic style.

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