Perfect Greek Road Trip: Plan Your Journey from A to Z!

Greece is a unique place that can boast its never-ending clean beaches, sunny weather, and bright natural attractions. Besides, Greece is a perfect location to take a road trip. You may rent a good reliable car from Hertz Greece and investigate the way from one city to another, from village to village. Can’t believe, but Greece has everything to make your journey perfect. Do you want to find cheap hostels on the go and take some rest there? It’s not a problem! Here we go!

Meteora, Greece

Route: Athens-Meteora

It is better to start your driving adventure from the heart of the country – Athens. This is a place, where you should comfortably take a car for rent from Hertz and go to investigate city suburbs. The road takes you 350 km far from Athens to the admirable highland houses of Meteora. This is a unique place of ancient monasteries and beautiful nature. It seems to be an easy trip. You can go through such ancient regions and sanctuaries as Lamia, Kalambaka. See the ancient Byzantine monasteries, located on the top of a hill. Just forget about your time and make stops whenever you want. Or you can book the hiking excursion to get to know the monastery better.

Route: Athens-Thessaloniki

One more interesting city in Greece is Thessaloniki. Driving trip gives you a chance to admire the road landscapes on your way to legendary Thessaloniki. The route is 500 km long. You are going through Larissa, Lamia, and Volos to climb up the Mount Olympus finally. If you have some more time, you can make a stop here or even take a room for night. The best place to stop is Vergina. There is a museum that helps you to learn many interesting facts about Macedonian dynasty and their leader. That was the last stop before reaching the end of your trip – Thessaloniki. So, the trip is over. Want more impressions? Then take some rest and continue your trip to Alexandroupoli just from here.


Route: Thessaloniki-Alexandroupoli

You cannot find the place better and more beautiful in Evros region than Alexandroupoli. This is a central trade city between Greek and Turkish countries. What is more, the city is located close to Evros delta, so, you can see the most picturesque sceneries on the go. It takes you no more than 2 hours to get there from Thessaloniki. Why don’t you make a picnic?

Route: Thessaloniki-Skiathos

Have some spare time? You are recommended to drive about 300 km far from Thessaloniki to get closer to Olympus and Volos. This is a place where you can rent a room for a night to enjoy the seacoast view and have a great mountain hiking tour the next day. It is recommended to take a ferry and take a trip to Skiathos. The beach caves, hidden beaches and marvelous picnic on the island are waiting for you. So, it is time to come back to Athens!


Route: Athens-Mainland

This motorway is the best place for all nature lovers and just adventurous travelers. It takes you more than a week to get through the Greek mainland. It leads you to such popular and historical places as Peloponnese, Epirus, Thessaly and Macedonia. Such natural attractions as Lake Prespa, Meteora, and Volos welcome you on your way.

Route: Athens-Crete

Crete is the most popular and legendary place in Greece. It can boast Minoan picturesque places, bright beaches, and wild greenery around. This island is considered to be the biggest in its territory and the most romantic place for the driving journey. Oh, you have much to see on your way. It is recommended to start from Heraklion. After that you should come to see the Knossos Palace and Rethymno. There is one more city that is worth seeing. It’s Chania. You can easily get there by a small side road from the nearest Elafonisi beach. Having more free time, you should visit lush natural park, 16 km far from Chania. By the way, the East part of the island is also full of beautiful attractions.


What a big pleasure to drive up or down the road with the eye-catching sceneries aside. You can easily make a stop and continue your trip hiking. You can also spend a night in a stony village cottage up in the mountain. The water is clean and clear, the birds are singing out of the window and the air is fresh and salty. What to do? Of course, you should go swimming. The beaches in Greece look fantastic. The most of them are calm and lonely but you can also find a clean and comfortable place to take some rest. Picnic is the best way of dining here, but you can also visit one of those numerous cozy cafes in Athens or around that are met on every step.

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