4 Myths About Plastic Surgery 

Plastic surgery is a big commitment but if you do it for the right reason it can be life-changing for either or both you physical and mental health. But while there are plenty of reasons to be put off cosmetic surgery, some aren’t exactly true and if you’re looking to see some myths busted, you can find out more below. 


Breast Implants Stop You From Breast Feeding

The is a massive myth. Modern breast implants still allow women to breastfeed their children. During the consultation with your doctor, he’ll explain the full procedure and any risks applicable for your particular implants. This is also the case with breast reduction in Manchester, but it’s always best to confirm with your surgeon before the procedure as every patient is different.


Plastic Surgery is Cheating

There are plenty of people who would say that plastic surgery is cheating and you should diet and exercise for the body you want. And while cosmetic surgery isn’t a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and naturally losing weight, sometimes it isn’t possible to exercise in a way that gives you the body you want. A Mummy Makeover Manchester is a prime example of a suitable surgery for women that have given birth and want to help rejuvenate their pre-baby body. Exercise isn’t guaranteed to remove excess skin and other changes to the body after pregnancy so if you’ve tried your best the conventional ways, surgery might be the next thing to consider. 


It’s Always Obvious When People Have Had Cosmetic Surgery

The is 100% false. There are plenty of subtle surgeries you can have to smooth skin, enhance breasts and so much more where it isn’t obvious you’ve had surgery. It all comes down to what work you would like done and your body type.


Botox is Just as Good as a Facelift

Botox and facelifts are very different, while botox is ideal for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, it only offers short term changes. For skin sagging and bigger wrinkles, a facelift is the better option for a longer-term change too.


If you’re considering plastic surgery but are worrying about some rumours or myths you heard, it’s always worth speaking to a professional about what you would like to change about yourself. Surgeons will give you the best advice, they don’t just want you to commit to surgery, if there something organic you can do first to improve your body, they’ll tell you about it. They’ll also help you explore option the tell you more about different surgeries you may have never even heard of!

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