Best Places To Visit In Denver This Summer

Denver, a capital city of Colorado become the American metropolis which is the Oldest West era with the landmark buildings for since 19th-century. Denver makes the great place for the travelers during this summer season venturing the mountain experience using Denver car rental. This experience can be jumping-off points for the ski resorts in nearby Rocky Mountains. You can also devote yourself to this city which is home to many museums, restaurants and galleries. For those who love sports, you can get best places where you can enjoy playing and also you can get best cuisines there. Here are the best places to visit in Denver during this summer using Denver car rentals dia.

Washington Park

Located to the south of the central Denver, this Park is constantly praised by visitors and Denverites because of the enjoyable atmosphere and ample facilities. Occupying about 165 acres, this vast park offers two massive lakes, swaths of gardens and miles jogging paths. Washington Park becomes the well-known weekend hangout spot which has a variety of the things to see there. You may also spend your time relaxing on grass, or taking advantage of eight tennis park courts, Recreation Center and boat rentals that house the pool offers swim lessons and planned fitness classes.

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is a home for about 4,000 animals and above, including black rhinos, tigers, orangutans and kangaroos. Sprawling across the 80 acres of this Park, it boasts different ways of viewing our furry, feathering the reptilian friends. Being the head to the Predator Ridge in the savanna areas, you can see hyenas, African dogs roam, lions, monkey swinging from one tree branch to another. You will also see green tree pythons and Panamanian golden frogs in Tropical Discovery center. Using the Denver car rental, you can visit all these places and carousel.

16th Street Mall

This is the mile-long pedestrian thoroughfare that stretches across southern end of LoDo district and the bypasses of Larimer Square. This is lined up with different stores, entertainment and restaurants venues, which make it a well-known place of visiting nearly all the hours of a day. You can use Denver car rental when strolling along this 16th Street Mall, which leads to some excellent thing to do in Denver during this summer.

Coors Field

Named for Denver’s famous beer, the Coors Field is home to Main Colorado Rockies League Baseball. The stadium holds whopping 76 acres with the carrying capacity of 50,000 people and above. The main reason which can make you visit Coors Field during this summer is to catch the game with the stadium which is more than the diamond. Whether you are traveling alone or with your children using Denver car rental, be sure of spending some time in this Interactive Area to test the skills in a Speed Pitch area and video batting cages. And if you have left your kids at home, you can take an opportunity sampling the 38,000-square-foot platforms with the fantastic views of downtown and field Denver. When the weather is not cooperating, you can pay the visit to on-site SandLot brewery as an alternative.
A visit to Denver in this summer is power-packed with the best places to go. If interested with the pop culture, rock roll experience, ski resorts, different museums, restaurants and galleries. With the Denver car rental, you can make fascinating excursions which you will enjoy until the end.
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