Lasting Memories: How to Take Care of Canvas Prints

If you have Shutterfly’s canvas prints at home, you most probably know how effective they are in adding an artistic element in any space. From the texture to the print, it makes an excellent choice for an elegant décor. However, through the years, dust and dirt can accumulate, especially if you do not pay attention to care and maintenance. With this, keep on reading and we’ll share some valuable tips on how you can keep the canvas prints in their tip-top shape.

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Pay Attention to Lighting

Proper lighting for an artwork on canvas, even if it is just a mere photo, is important to make it stand-out. However, take note that light is one of the mortal enemies of canvas prints. Too much light can break down the material and can lead to serious damage, especially with prolonged exposure. The extreme heat of the sun, which can infiltrate through the windows, will also be a concern. With this, take care of the lighting. If artificial light is necessary, it will be best to opt for warm and soft lights.

Choose the Right Position

In line with what has been discussed above, hanging the canvas prints in the right location will also be important. Keep it away from a place that can be directly reached by the heat of the sun when it is at its peak. Be sure as well that there are no water leaks on the wall. The humidity and temperature should also not be too much.

Have it Framed

An easy way to prolong the life of your canvas print is to frame it. Choose a frame that is perfect for the look of the room where you intend to have it placed. The frame is important both for presentation and preservation of the canvas print. It will provide a protective barrier against dust and other external elements that could damage the canvas over time. This will also help to get rid of humidity and moisture that could cause the canvas to sag.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning the canvas print will not require too much time and effort on your end. You can use a feather duster or a soft brush to rid the surface of dust. Make sure that you brush it off slightly so as not to damage the colors. A few times in a year, it would be best to get the print out of the wall and to turn it upside down to dislodge dust that might have accumulated on the surface. When cleaning the canvas, make sure to avoid using chemical-based cleaners. Most prints have a UV-protective coating, which can wear off when they get in contact with cleaners that contain harsh chemicals.

In sum, canvas prints can withstand the test of time and look as good as new through the years as long as you keep in mind the tips that have been earlier mentioned.

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