The Gift of Art

With Christmas rapidly approaching, the annual search is on for unique gifts that show you really know and care about the person you’re gifting to. Too many gifts are mass produced as ‘gifts’ – novelty desk toys and sample sets of cosmetics that are designed to be unwrapped, not used, enjoyed and appreciated. If you’re giving a present to a loved one, you want show them you love them, not necessarily by spending a huge amount but by getting them something personal, that shows real thought and care.

Art as a gift used to be the preserve of the governments and the super-rich, with many of the colossal sculptures created by Zurab Tsereteli gifted by the Russian government around the world to consolidate diplomatic and cultural relationships as well as build Russia’s reputation as an artistic force to be reckoned with.

However, in the 21st century, more art is created by more people than ever before and that internet puts in the reach of consumers with a more modest budget than governments. Etsy, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow artists to display work online, market themselves and their work, and create and sell on a small, sustainable scale, rather than rely on the patronage-like big sales of the modern art world.

What this adds up to is art that’s available for you to give as a gift, showcasing your thoughtfulness and originality without breaking the bank! A quick browse of Etsy stores shows some small scale art and craft projects that you can’t get anywhere else, while following artists on Twitter won’t just net you some exclusive deals but also gives you an insight into a world of creation and expression that was previously simply impossible.

Ben Cameron, the man behind some of the heart-breaking doodles on the internet has a storefront allowing you to buy prints, doodles and even pin badges, which could be the perfect gift if you’re looking for something quirky that’ll stand out under the Christmas tree and show that your more than capable of going the extra mile to find a unique and lovely gift.

There are lots of different artists working in different styles, so whether you’re looking for a specially commissioned painting of someone’s favourite film, tv or book character, a unique watercolour, or a purse, handbag or scarf n a unique style, small scale online stores make this ‘boutique shopping experience’ available for everyone, not just a moneyed, metropolitan minority.

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