How To Grill In A Healthier Way?

When the new grilling season arrives, one of the concerns is whether grilling is a healthier for processing our food. The slightly charred food works really well with barbecue sauces and other condiments. However, no nutritionists and health experts would advise us to consume grilled food regularly. Watching thick slabs of meat sizzling on the grill could easily arouse our appetite. Again, it is not seen as a depiction of healthy food. However, there are new approaches that we implement to make grilling a healthy option. There are ways to make simple steak and burger have more variety and become much healthier.  The introduction of spices and grilled vegetables could make our food becomes much better, whether by adding onions, bell peppers, tomatoes or artichoke. It means that grilling can become soul satisfying and we will become super fit. Many types of fresh vegetables and even fruits – like pineapple can be grilled easily without using butter. When choosing vegetables and fruits, it is better to choose those with more vibrant colors.

Grilled corn with butter is quite flavourful, but you can make it as tastier by rubbing it with some olive oil, pepper and salt. In general, you should avoid fatty buyer whenever possible when grilling. Olive oil and other healthy oils could provide the flavour that you want. In order to compensate for some missing taste that you get from butter, you should add a bit of spices. When grilling red meat; you should choose the one without fat. If there are some layers of fat, you need to trim them. You need to learn parts of meat that are known for lower fat content. In general, high-fat fishes are quire excellent for our options. For beef, you may choose tenderloin, sirloin and flank steak. Chicken breast is healthier than the thigh and drumstick parts. Chicken breast may be less tasty compared to other parts of chicken, so you need to get more creative with rubs and spices. With the right kind of mixes, the results should be quite outstanding. With marinades, you should have a rather outstanding result with your work.

For the best result, you should marinade your food overnight in the fridge. For tougher types of meat, you can pressure cook it with curry, Cajun or other types of mix spices. This should work out well for ribs and other parts of beef. After the meat appears to be tender, you can grill it for awhile to obtain the grilled taste and appearance. Instead of using regular sauces and condiments; you may consider making your own barbecue sauce using fresh ingredients, spices and herbs. A simple hamburger patty could also be made much healthier with proper techniques. With proper grilling method, you can also make tastier and authentic bruschetta, using fresh ingredients, such as olive oil, a bit of appropriate herbs, garlic and tomato. When choosing ingredients for grilling, you should perform research. Your food should be rich in vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

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