What you Need to Know before Going on Safari in Africa

The exact first moment you are going to see the wild life in the African forest is probably going to be unforgettable for the rest of your life. It’s definitely worth the long tiring flight hours from your home country to Kenya or Rawanda, it’s also worth the long drives through the dusty and bumpy routes penetrating the savanna fields.

However, in order to make your first field trip to the heart of mama Africa totally worth it, check out our tips for what you really need to have in mind before setting on this trek.

Choose carefully your travel companions

Before taking the decision of travelling on any new adventure, choose carefully who you are going with. You need to pick the right person for the right trip. You definitely don’t want a couch potato to keep on nagging about how the road is so bumpy and how mosquitos are hurting him overnight during your safari.

You don’t want also a hyperactive person to ruin your long beach chilling sessions with his fidgets and abrupt actions. So, you would better tell the right person to come with you on your next vacation.

Be Flexible

Each and every safari trip is hectic and unpredictable. You will definitely go behind schedule sometimes and you will encounter a late bus or a train. So, just try to stay calm about the things you can’t control.

Be prepared that the ride will take longer than expected or the accommodation place is below your expectations. Just try to take it easy, it’s Africa.

Stay Safe

Just try to remember and follow whatever rules you read on the website of the safari package provider, at his venue, written on a signage on the protectorate’s gate, or anywhere else. Try to stay safe, stay in the car, and don’t try to get near the hippos. In fact, hippos are the most dangerous animals in the jungle after mosquitos. So, beware of the hippos.

Don’t be shy to ask questions

Most safari guides there are knowledgeable and they really know what they are doing. They have been doing this for ages, so don’t be shy to shoot at once any question that pops in your mind.

Take a lot of pictures

Once you find something worth picturing, ask to stop the vehicle and feel free to take pictures. These are rare moments to grasp, you aren’t likely to see a real actual zebra again in your entire life, so you’d better be ready to take as many pictures as you can. You can review them later, delete the ones you don’t like, and keep the prime ones.

Go for a guided safari

You’d better go for a guided safari tour since it’s hassle-free. No driving, no guiding, and better visibility of the surrounding nature. You can also learn a lot about the safari nature from the guides. Moreover, guided safari vehicles have access to more ruts compared to private ones.

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