Best Buying Guide For The Best Back Massager Reviews

If you are suffering from back pain, one of the best solutions is a top back massager. You have to be extremely careful because we have so many low-quality manufacturers in the market who claim to be selling the best back massagers.

When you have this tool in your home, you will be able to avoid the unnecessary visits to therapists and masseurs. It will also be cheaper because these professionals charge money every time you visit their office for a treatment. Let us start by evaluating the best back massager that you can buy for use at home.

  1. Snailax Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

This back massager has four modes that support adjustment for relieving the neck tiredness, shoulder and muscle tightness. You can adjust it in the move up and down pattern to allow anyone to use it. Any person whose height falls between 63 and 70.9 inches can use the Snailax Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager.

It has an optional heating functionality to relieve the muscle and enhance the circulation of blood. It delivers a deep tissue massage and has two rotational nodes to deliver an optional heating functionality that suits the demand of any user.

The gadget has an overheating protection system to give it maximum protection. You can use it as a cushion on the recliner, sofa, or office chair.

  1. Victor Jurgen Neck Massage Pillow

 This top back massager comes with three rotating massage nodes. It also performs the gentle heating function to relax overused and tight muscles and soothe the aching muscles.

This massager has an ergonomic design making the massage pillow to align itself properly with the body contours and fit behind the shoulder, upper and lower back, calf, thigh, and neck.

It is manufactured from the benign materials to prevent the heated regions from becoming too warm and also protect your skin from friction when the massager gets into contact with the skin. It has an environmentally friendly material that you can easily use for cleaning. The other features include free AC and car adapter, and adjustable handle straps. The massager offers a corded hand control and you can use it anywhere and at any time.

  1. Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

This device is a top back massager that will allow you to relax your body. It features 3D/2D finger pressure design for rolling, air compression, vibration, and heat function that soothes the muscles and eases tension. It is designed with heat and has four rotational nodes to supply your back and shoulder with kneading massage.

It utilizes innovative technology because the massage nodes move in an inward and outward motion to create a double massage comfort for the back. The other features are adjustable spot massage to roll around the spine and take care of the back muscle pain.

The device has a spot massage functionality to help you focus on a single area for a specific and maximum result. You can still extent the feature to the lower and upper section of your back. It has an optional infrared heating function for more relaxation and gentle warm.

  1. Pure Wave Dual-Motor Percussion

None of the above three massagers is peculiar to a certain field. On the other hand, this massager is specifically used to relive muscle tension and stress from the sport-related injuries.

However, you can still use this massager for other functions. The tool provides relief from leg pain, tendinitis, arthritis, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and back pain. The tool delivers a powerful percussion therapy and micro-vibration.

Many chiropractors and trainers prefer to use this brand to provide deep tissue massage therapy that breaks up knots and relaxes muscle spasms. You will get it with a directional video to guide you in using the product.

  1. Best Shiatsu Back Shoulder & Neck Massager

What makes this option a top back massager is that fact that it is easy to wear and also carry around. Thus, you can virtually use this massager at anytime and anywhere. It comes with a home adapter and car charger and hence you can enjoy your back massage at home, in the office or even car.

With the adjustable control and speed, you can set the massaging speed to your preferences. It has three adjustable speeds and a button that supports directional change.

You can set it to shut itself automatically or change direction after some time. It also has an infrared heating to relieve aching in the body, tension, and increase the circulation of blood. It comes with eight massage nodes to provide a relaxing experience from mental and physical stress.

Types of Back Massagers in the Market

The market offers different types of back massagers. Each of the options come with its price, functionality, and design. If you are experiencing back pain, you need to search for the one that has the right technology for you. The two main categories are the electric and non-electric back massagers.

With the electric back massagers, you can enjoy a relaxing massage experience from the comfort of your home. You use them as you go about with your daily activities as you don’t have to get out of your chair.

Electric massagers are bulky and the rotor generates vibrations of different speed levels to permit a better functionality. Therefore, you will not actively involve yourself with the operation of electric massagers. The main designs of electric back massagers include the handheld massager, cushion/pillow, chair pads, chair back massager, belt back massager, and the teen unit.

The non-electric back massagers are operated manually to provide relief in specific areas. Some of the available types include the woodball back massager, S-shaped back massager, pong massager, cane massager, and foam rollers. You can choose between the two categories depending on your level of pain, desired results, and budget.

Benefits and Features of Back Massagers

There are so many benefits that come with the use of back massagers. These include saving time and money, blood flow stimulation, increased endorphin levels, increased skin elasticity and flexibility, joint therapy, and effective for vibration massage. You can read about each of these benefits.

There are so many features that you need to look at to be able to choose the right back massagers. These include shape, size, and portability, electric vs. non-electric, Shiatsu, heat, vibration, percussion, wand, nodes, speed settings, intensity settings, timer, rechargeable, auto shut-down, attachment, and recall/memory.

You can also choose between neck vs. shoulder massager and Shiatsu vs. pillow massager. It all depends with the objective that you wish to attain by using a top back massager. The guiding principle is to get a device that will give you the best service.


This article presents the top back massager in the market. You need to choose a model that will meet your needs with the desired level of pain. These are effective tools that will help you save a lot of time and money as long as you make the right decision.

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