New Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couples

When a couple you know decides to buy a new home together, there are plenty of gift ideas that will run through your mind, but sometimes that can be a little obvious, and it’s more than likely someone else is buying them the same thing. The good news is that it’s hard to go wrong if the new homeowners are starting fresh and need pretty much everything, here’s a look at some new housewarming gift ideas for couples that no one else will have thought of.


A Canvas

A little bit of deception might be needed to get this gift, but if you can find a picture of the couple that you know they’ll love, having it blown up into a canvas is a brilliant idea. It’s also a good idea to work out what kind of space they have to hang it up before buying it in too big or small of a size. It isn’t an expensive gift to purchase and works as a really thoughtful gift they are bound to love, after all, it is a picture of themselves.



The house isn’t the only part of the home, designer furniture that your love the look and feel of adds your love to the space. Depending on your budget for the gift furniture can vary from luxury corner sofas to a luxury bar stools, it’s important to find out what they need/ want before you make a big commitment like this though!


Kitchen Essentials

While some may opt to gift a toaster, microwave or a bread maker, picking some unique kitchen essentials can be a much better choice for those wanting to keep a cap on the price of the gift. A good cookbook always works well for couples looking to explore their new kitchen capabilities, and being able to test out different cooking essentials always gives a new home a warmly welcome. A luxury or engraved cutting board with some premium knives is also a great gift idea, a luxurious edge to an everyday essential that the couple wouldn’t usually spend money always works as an excellent gift idea.


Coffee Maker

The perfect gift for any coffee lover. It’s best to do a little research into the couple and how they usually have their coffee, as you won’t want to be spending £200 on a machine for someone who prefers the taste of instant. The price of coffee machines complete varies, and you can buy a simple machine that tastes great, but it will just have less functionality.


Smart Speaker

Welcome the couple into their home with the latest advancements in technology. Smart speakers are very addictive to use once you’ve been bought one, any minor taste can be given to the speaker and even if they don’t use the smart function, everyone likes a little music around the house.

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