Autumn Trends to Try Ready for Winter

Autumn and winter trends are similar when it comes to the styles and colours most places on the high street offer, but naturally, as the colder weather of winter comes in, the styles tend to get thicker. Any savvy shopper will try to shop for styles they can use for more than one season like fashion tracksuits and denim jackets, and some trends in autumn offer a lot of potentials to get you through the autumn and winter seasons;



Beanies might be the proffered style in the winter, but caps will always be a staple piece of head ware that the majority of styles can be worn with. Trucker hats have been a constant trend for the past couple of years, and this style has slightly altered to the dad caps that made a big impact over the summer months this year. If you’re considering a new cap in the autumn, a vintage style to go with the colder seasons would be a cord five panel, a relaxed style that goes perfectly with anyone into the workwear trends and both branded and unbranded work for the style.


Oversized Shoulders

In recent catwalks, a lot of high fashion brands have shown signs that their ranges will include XXL shoulders, and naturally, the high street will coincide with the trend. For casual shirts, jackets and blazers the oversize style works really well, and in the winter, you can layer it up to match the colder weather. It works well as an autumn look as it shows a relaxed finest to what would typically be a smart style.



A common style when it comes to buying a suit, but this autumn has seen the style being brought to other garments. Pinstripes are being used on casual trousers, jackets and jumpers, which probably shouldn’t be all worn simultaneously. The jackets seen so far are perfect for all year round, they might not be the warmest choice in the winter, but depending on the choice of venue, it’s a smart/casual style ready for an evening out.


Leather Jackets

Leather is back, yes you might be thinking it never really went anywhere, but this autumn has seen a lot of retailers offering a lot more styles in leather with a variety of colours available too. Leather jackets can be a pricey investment, but it’s something you only need to buy once every few years (if not longer). Dark browns, blacks and navy have all been making an appearance on the catwalks, and the double-breasted jackets look to be the most popular choice so far.


Shearling Jackets

It doesn’t take much convincing to get people to buy these thicker jackets in the winter, but it looks to be an early trend this year as it comes onto the catwalks in autumn. Picking out the right jacket could mean you have a shearling jacket for life, the trend this year shows that the shearing isn’t just inside the jacket but on the outer layer too, meaning you’ll be warm in the colder parts of both autumn and winter.

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