Choosing The Right Tripod For Your Travelling Purposes

While many casual travellers are not professional photographers, they are still eager to capture precious moments with family members. For this purpose, they bring DSLR camera and all the required accessories. Even for amateur photographers, tripod is a necessity in many situations. To get the sharpest possible image, you need to keep the camera steady. Depending on the manufacturer and model of the tripod, it can be relatively expensive and many models are not actually appropriate for travelling purposes. When choosing a tripod, we should make sure that our camera will be supported steadily. Some models allow us to position the camera at unusual angles, to allow us produce more unique images. The proper type of tripod depends on our shooting style and in many cases, it is better if the tripod is highly versatile. Because there’s a possibility that the weather will be wet in the tourist destination, the tripod should be properly waterproofed. It means that all components are rust free. Quality tripod may also have spiked feet, which can be useful when we are on wet and loose soil. Another thing to consider is to make sure that the tripod itself is able to support the load of the camera.

It is important that you consider the weight of the camera and its heaviest lens and flash light. You should also consider whether you plan to use bigger and heavier accessories in the future. Some travellers regularly carry heavier accessories, despite their status as amateur photographers. It is better that you choose lighter and more compact accessories, so you need to plan ahead.

The tripod should have 30 percent weight capacity unused, so there’s a flexibility for future upgrades. The tripod should allow you to pan the camera smoothly, if you need to capture moving objects, such as traditional dancers and animal races. Travelling is often about enjoying the scenery and you can use the panorama feature of the camera for 360-degree view of your surroundings.

 Tripod should allow for the flexibility to achieve various shooting positions. It means that you should be able to change various subjects on the fly. You may need to alternate shooting panorama, landscape and macro, depending on the situation. A good tripod may also allow you to get particularly low and achieve the best angle possible.

It is obvious that choosing the right type of tripod isn’t an easy thing to do. However, you need to make sure that the tripod is usable for outdoors purposes. Any photographer would agree that there’s no ideal model that can suit everyone. It is also important to know that even the most expensive tripod won’t give you the best functionality.

You may consider using tripod made from carbon fiber, which doesn’t bend and lighter that many types of allows. Carbon fiber also resists moisture and corrosion. However, they can be more expensive, although their durability should worth the extra money. You may use them for multiple years.

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