5 Common Clothing Styling Mistakes Men Make

It can be tough to keep pace with fashion trends when your life is busy. On the other hand, trending styles can sometimes be totally juvenile or too mature. Below are some most common clothing styling mistakes made by men and how you can avoid them.


Young men totally miss the ‘formal mark’ especially if they fail to judge the scenario. They might end up wearing a formal suit for a casual dinner where they could have easily made with a simple dress shirt and trousers.

To avoid dress code disasters, choose your clothing wisely. Find out more information about the event you are attending and then decide how formal or casual you need to dress up. Never overdress or underdress.


Choosing a button front shirt but keeping it untucked for a casual occasion is a smart choice. You can strike the balance between a dressed up and laid back look. However, when it comes to denim with a dress shirt, you need to find the proper balance between formal and casual.

Try to avoid wearing dress shirts that are just not to be worn untucked. Factors like stiff collars, shiny material and cuffs can also overpower the casual look so be careful.

  1. TROUSERS that are Loo Long

Baggy trousers that are long can only do two things. First, they make you look sloppy and second, they make you appear shorter than usual. The best way is to go for a trouser length that remains at the top of your shoes. You can have your pants altered to your desired length. This is helpful if you are looking to show off your socks too.


Never pick a dress shirt that is way too big or you will look chubby. See if the collar of your shirt has no room for more than two fingers. Also look that you don’t have too much of fabric hanging around your torso and the edge of the shoulder is hitting the shoulder seams of the shirt.

There are tons of options available now for men, especially in the dress shirt department so you can always buy something that suits your size rather than settling for a poorly fitted shirt.


Just like you hide the underwear you need to be careful about your undershirt too. If you are someone who always likes leaving a few buttons undone, then it is better for you to choose a V neck shirt or totally avoid wearing an undershirt if you feel it will be visible.

A Friendly Reminder: Never Go Overboard with the Accessories.

This rule has no room for error. It is said that the tip of the tie should be around the bottom and top of the belt buckle. If you are beltless, then know it is just around the area where the belt is.

Don’t look like an amateur by tying up the tie again and again if you failed to get the desired length. Keep practicing and after you have knotted the tie a few times on various occasions, you will be able to easily get the perfect length in a single attempt.

Every man loves bold accessories paired up with the perfect dress but many men tend to go overboard. It is suggested that you count all the accessories including the cufflinks, watch, bracelets, colorful tie, patterned bold shirt and your socks. Limit the accessories to 3 to 4 maximum. The more you try to restrain the better your accessories will shine.

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