5 Ways to Make Your Next Redecorating Job Stress Free

Redecorating a room in your home, or many rooms at once, can be a big challenge for anyone to face. Choosing colors and finishes can be fun, but doing the work can be time consuming and stressful. However, with the right approach and some planning and preparation, you can take all the stress out of decorating and make the work quick and fun. Here are a few tips from the professionals:

Make Space for Yourself – Prepare Your Work Areas

If you want to get a decorating project done well, and done quickly, then you need to make as much space as possible in the work area.

Remove as much furniture as you can, and anything else that can be safely removed like tables, lamps, and books. The less there is in the space to move, and move around, the quicker and easier the job will be.

Mess Free is Stress Free – Protect Your Furniture and Flooring

Splatters of paints and wallpaper pastes are inevitable, so it is a good idea to plan for them rather than try to avoid them, or clean up the mess when it happens.

Using protective coverings like this smart grip drop cloth to cover flooring and furniture that can’t be moved stops a decorating job becoming a clean-up job that takes up time, and causes stress as well as delays.

Good Brushes and Rollers are Cheap – Don’t Waste Time Washing Them

Paint brushes, rollers and a number of other decorating tools have become incredibly cheap lately, with many useful and good quality sets of brushes costing just a few dollars.

Cleaning brushes and rollers is a time consuming and messy job, that will often involve paint cleaning chemicals that can be dangerous to you and the environment. Using brushes just once, or with one color, and disposing them responsibly will eliminate a lot of excess work and stress.

Don’t Spend a Day Going Up and Down Ladders – Plan Ahead

You can tire yourself and waste a lot of time by going up and down a ladder all day when you could be papering, pasting or painting. You can cut down on a lot of trips up and down a ladder by preparing in advance.

If you are hanging wallpaper, cut and paste many sheets at a time before you start to hang them on the walls. When painting, take a tray that fits safely and securely on the ladder platform to cut down on trips to replenish a brush or roller, and paint the upper section all at once.

Turn Your Phone Off and Your Radio On

It is very easy to get distracted from a decorating job, and waste time on your phone to avoid getting started or pushing on through a difficult task.

Many decorators may turn their phone off, or put it in another room to avoid getting distracted, and rely on a radio to keep them entertained while they work.

Changing the look of a living space can be a difficult, messy and stressful task without the right planning and preparation. Don’t be put off making a change by the challenge of redecoration; instead, use these helpful tips to plan your work and take the stress out of painting and papering.

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