Getting to and from Split Airport

Getting to and from Split airport is a breeze as there are many ways to skin this cat. Situated at a distance 25 km west of popular town Split and adjacent to the winsome Trogir town, you can access the airport that lies just beyond the Kastela series of towns through one of these methods:

Take one of the buses at the airport

The road network in and around the airport is well connected with the rest of the country and there are constant bus departures from the main terminal. A popular bus service choice is Croatia Airline bus whose schedule is said to be intertwined with flight arrival times. You’ll need 30 Kunas- which is paid to the driver- for a 30 to 40-minute ride into the city.

Finding a bus isn’t hard as you just need to look for a line of waiting passengers outside the terminal building. There you can find many other bus services for the same ticket price that’ll take you straight to Split’s main bus terminal that is right next to the port and train station.


You could also board a local bus

Alternatively, you could also take a local bus to Split by waiting outside the airport on the main road. Here, the bus numbers you should be watching out for are 38 and 37 with the latter proving the better option as it makes more frequent trips. What’s more, bus 37 plies the direct route of Trogir to Split while the former makes a detour at Kastel Stari before reaching the final stop in Split.

The weekday schedule of these two local bus services run from 6 am through to 10 pm with departures at 20 and 40 minutes into the hour. The boarding station at the main road is roughly a 5 to 10-minute ride from the airport with a ticket costing 17 Kunas and you can buy it from the driver as is the case with the buses inside the airport. The final stop in Split is Sukoisan and from there you can get to the main bus station via a 10 to 15-minute walk or you could take a taxi or another local bus- number 15, 10, 9 or 2- to your final stop.

Once in town, you could simply walk to your residence that is if you are staying around the enchanting Diocletian’s Palace. It is a stone’s throw distance to the Riva- Split’s main seafront promenade- from the bus terminal with the Riva located right before Diocletian’s Palace.

Take a taxi to and from Split airport


The journey from Split Airport to the central district in Split takes about half an hour by taxi but it’ll cost you around 250 Kunas which is quite pricey. If you don’t want to spend that much you could simply go to the main bus station using the airport bus then proceed to your desired stop via one of the many taxis at the drop-off point.

The pre-booked transfer option

The other choice you have is reserving a pre-booked transfer that’ll get you to and from the airport. Shared and private transfer packages are available in plenty with many offering connections to Tucepi, Baska Voda, Trogir and Makarska.

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