Things You Should Know About Meat Marbling

Meat with good marbling is often known for its exceptional taste and texture. Marble on the meat is essentially an intricate network of fat inside the meat. However, you shouldn’t be worried about the excess of fat content inside the meat. Good marbling should be seen as excellent meat quality, this should make the meat tender and moister. You should be aware that grass feeding isn’t a guarantee that you will have marbling inside the meat. This could be caused by the wrong breed of cow or the farming process. It means that the genetics of the cow should play a huge part in making sure that you will have a proper marble pattern. Hereford, Shorthorn, Jersey, Angus and the famous Wagyu are breed known for their good meat marbling. If you cook it well, the meat will become juicy and tender. In fact, you rarely go wrong with meat that has good marbling. You only need some basic herbs and seasoning, as well as the right level of heat and cooking duration. In the United States, Choice and Prime meats are known for their good quality and tenderness.

Beef can be exceptionally tough, especially if you choose the wrong part. When choosing marbled meat, you should make sure that it is tender enough. The steak will become tough, if it appears to be resilient and firm. Some meat suppliers and butchers are known for the reputation in providing meat with good marbling and texture. They won’t stake their reputation by providing you with only mediocre cuts. If you choose suppliers randomly, you can get low grade or tough meat. Wagyu beef is known for its high price and Tajima cattle is another breed from Japan known for its good marbling. Due to their extreme prices, these exceptional marbled meats are usually consumed in moderation, with thinner cuts and smaller portions. We can see how they are seared with only minimal amount of seasoning. The expensive price is caused by high production costs and its specialized nature. When buying marbled meat, you should learn more about marble score. Good quality meat should have a marble score of 7 or above.

Marbled meat with a score of 5 or lower should taste great; but not as great as premium types. Well cooked wagyu is often considered similar to foei gras for its tenderness and taste. It is quite rare to get a poor piece of wagyu. After you choose a piece of meat with good marble score, you should also make sure that it has been handled correctly. It is better to choose chilled beef, instead of frozen ones. When cooking wagyu, you should do it properly. As an example, it is ridiculous to make wagyu burgers. Not only it’s incredibly expensive, you also won’t get a sense of its tenderness and exceptional smooth taste. Grinding a piece of wagyu meat will turn it into a regular minced beef with somewhat higher fat content, which is not a good thing. If you want to cook sautéed beef, meatball or burgers; you should choose beef types meant for these kinds of recipes.

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