Ready to Try Living Abroad – Why Brisbane Could Be the Perfect Location for Young Families

Have you been feeling like your everyday life just isn’t giving you the excitement that you had hoped for? Are you thinking it may be time to make a big change for you and your young family? For many, the answer is to live abroad, even if just on a temporary basis. Living abroad gives everyone a chance to discover a different culture, take in fabulous sights and scenery, sample different cuisines, and in some cases learn a new language. The question is, what would the best location be for you and your family to move to?

Brisbane, Australia is a city that more than two million people call home, and for good reason. The large city sits on the Brisbane River with temperatures that range from 20◦C during the winter months, to 29◦C during the summer months. So, besides its moderate climate and bustling city atmosphere, what else makes it perfect for families? Let’s take a closer look.

A Kid-Friendly City

When it comes to kid-friendly cities, Brisbane definitely checks off all the boxes. Not only will you have all the conveniences you’ll need as a young family, you’ll also find there are plenty of attractions, events, restaurants, and activities to keep the kids happy. It should be noted that Brisbane is very much an “outdoor city” in that much of the activities, events, and attractions take place outdoors. The fabulous year-round weather allows this to be the case.

A Wide Range of Accommodations

Another great feature about Brisbane is the many options when it comes to accommodation. You can set down roots in the city-centre, which could be ideal for those working nearby. If that’s the case the luxury apartments in Brisbane by Banyan Tree Residences are a great example of how to feel right at home in a new city. You’ll have all the amenities you need at your fingertips, plus you’ll be in the heart of all the action.

If you’re looking for something a little quieter and more low-key, then a house in the suburbs could be ideal. Obviously, some are located closer to the city than others, which may be a deciding factor.

Brisbane’s Public Transit System is Modern and Reliable

Now, maybe you don’t want to have to get a car right away, or at all, when you move to Brisbane, which means you’ll appreciate the modern and reliable public transit system. Make use of buses, trains, the Citycat ferry, and taxis.

Beach Life Exists

Despite the fact that you are a fair distance away from the fabulous beaches of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, you still have a beach to enjoy in Brisbane. The unique Streets Beach is found in the middle of the city and is completely man-made. It’s ideal for families thanks to the lifeguards on duty, and the soft white sandy beach.

An Idyllic Place for Young Families

Brisbane is not only a spectacular world-class city, it is also an ideal place for those looking to raise a young family in a safe and active environment.

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