5 Things Expats Need to Know Before Moving to Another Country

It can be an exciting time when moving to another country, but it can bring plenty of nerves too. If you’ve decided to take the leap in your new chapter, it will be sure to be a great experience. Whatever the reason for relocating, whether it’s because of work or for simply a new change, there are things that you need to consider before moving and here are 5.


Check visa requirements

One of the most important aspects of moving abroad is making sure that you have applied for the right visa. This will allow you to legally work and reside in the country that you’ve chosen. There will be varying requirements for you to be applicable for a visa so it’s important that you research this beforehand. For example, if you’re planning to work in the country you’ll require a tier 2 visa to legally do so. 


Resources will be available to check on this including through government websites or with a local immigrational lawyer. If you move for the purpose of work though, this may be arranged in your on-boarding process.


Keep spare identification documents

Just as an extra precaution, keep copies of your important travel documents including your passport and visa documents. Then, give these to friends or family as a form of backup if anything was to go wrong or they were to be stolen. It’s also useful to keep a copy for yourself if you may need the documents immediately. 


Notify your bank

The last thing you’ll want when moving to another country is having no access to money. So, ensure you tell your bank that you’ll be moving to another country and there’s likely to be large transactions being made from your bank in the early stages of your move. You may have benefited from joining an international bank, in which case you’re likely to still have access to your funds abroad. However, if that’s not the case then you’ll need to switch. This can be arranged with the bank you’re looking to open the account with.


Bring a universal adaptor

It’s easy enough to purchase one when you reach the new country, but it’s always beneficial to have a universal adaptor for the journey there too. It’s likely you might be on a long-haul flight, in which case having an adaptor on your travels is extremely useful. This means you’ll never run out of battery or power. 


Get relevant vaccines

This may not be applicable if you’re moving to relatively modernised country, but always be sure with your doctor that it’s not required. Some people can be sensitive to illnesses and diseases compared to others. If you have a problem once you’ve moved, you may need to travel back to get it treated or have further issues that will affect your move.


This isn’t exactly an exhaustive list, but these will be some of the main aspects that you need to consider before moving to another country. Planning ahead means there are less worries you need to think about when you actually move. This means you can kickback and relax as you enjoy your new adventure in your new surroundings. 


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