How to Cut Costs in Your Small Business

Regardless of whether your business is currently successful or struggling, there are always ways to become more efficient with your companies money. Whether you looking to save to help expand or looking for effective tips for optimising your businesses spending, here’s how you can cut costs for your small business.


Go Viral

Office space can be one of the biggest expenses for a small business. If your employee could work from a computer at home, why not let them? Telecommuting is said to increase productivity by up to 20%, so if you have the opportunity to move to another premise, consider a smaller office and see if your staff work better from home.



While outsourcing does have the potential to increase costs, it can also save you money. Short term jobs or quick fixes that are required should be outsourced. Doing this means you don’t have to employ more staff or buy new products for short term uses. Commercial van leasing, computers, and digital services can all be paid for in the short term, and you’ll be able to pick as choose when you pay for the service.


Use Credit Cards Wisely

Most would suggest avoiding the use of credit cards if you’re in a tight spot, but finding the right provider could her the business. Finding the right bank that offers rewards that benefit your business can help you save money, if you frequently need to fly for business, using a card that offers frequent flyer miles or cash can save you some money.



Often a business can think they’re stuck with paying utilities as they stand. Like any home, this can be changed to a better deal. Just by shopping around you could save around 30% on your current utilities, so it’s worth exploring for a consistent saving. You can also consider reviewing how the business operates and identify wastage occurring.



If you’re looking to expand but want to avoid extra expenses, offering internships can people both the business and the intern. As they learn about the business and gain work experience you have low-cost staff that can be set to work a certain duration. It’s a great way of testing new ideas and seeing if they work before committing to hiring new employees.


Price Perception

While offering a current price for your service it difficult to change for existing customers. When acquiring new clients boosting the price can change the perception of the product in question. Most new customers will associate a higher price with a higher grade of work. So if you have a solid USP, pricing is an area to visit.

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