Money-Saving Tips For Garden Renovation

With summer coming soon, it is likely that you are gonna spend a lot of time in your garden, whether if with your parents and family or just with your friends. If you are planning on renovating the whole place, then these are the top 5 tips that can help you with little to none expenses.


The main thing that your guest will notice is, of course, your furniture. Don’t just take it as a lame suggestion, it is THAT important since it sets the vibe for your place. If you want to “impress without expense” then you might want to consider cane furniture &  wicker furniture for your garden, as it is stylish and cheap. Win-win! 


Nothing beats a garden party at night. NOTHING. Keep that in mind when setting it up, as some fancy LEDs would give the place an incredible stylish touch. If you are not an LED fan, then pick up your favourite ones and try to be original with it!


The first thing that you should know is that there are hundreds of trends when it comes to planning a garden, but none of them will beat your garden being the reflection of who you are. Are you a musician? Put out your old guitar in there, especially if it’s a small space. Great examples of this kind of ideas could be found in small Los Angeles gardens since they hang out 24/7 in there!

Is This Your Living Room?

Try and set the vibe for your garden to be like your second living room. This is one of the best pieces of advice someone ever gave to me. It might sound a bit odd, but if you think about this then you will agree with me: nothing beats the intimate feeling of your living room. Imagine putting this outside, with the sun, your friends and everything. Is it that good? Yes, It is.

Don’t Exaggerate

These tips are made to help you set up an incredible place with a small amount of money, so keep it from there and try to revolve your planning around these. It’s easy to set up, might be hard to execute but, if you are truly passionate about your future garden space, then these tips will be a gold mine for you!

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