Traveling With A Pet Dog In Train: Wow!

It is good to travel the breadth and width of your country. Sometimes you travel because of wedding or parties; sometimes you did it for business work and other times you do it for pleasure and leisure. Whatever be the case, traveling becomes really half-hearted when you had to leave your beloved pet dog at home. You keep on thinking about the pet throughout your journey, and it is like you are lost somewhere.

What if?

Well, once you have booked your online train ticket, packed your luggage and checked all the information about the train; it is get going. Well, here what if you can take your dog in train to another place? Yes, you heard it right. Youcan; of course, you can carry your pets with you while you are travelling.  But such a travel is going to be subject to various rules and regulations set by IndianRailways.  Dogs can be kept close, in compartment. It can be done only if you are travelling by First Class AC.  In other times, they are going to be held as a luggage and travel in Brake or the Luggage Van. Even when you take your beloved dog in a train compartment, you have to ensure that the dog does not create any nuisance. While taking the pet in a train compartment, you have to take the consent of fellow passengers.

Remember if you wish to take your dog with you in train compartment, then you have to book tickets in First AC class only.  You might have to reserve two or even four berths in compartment for the usage by making payment of the due charges based on kind of train you are travelling by. In case,you are travelling in any other class of train, then unfortunately you cannot take your dog along with you in the compartment of the train. But the dog can be taken in Luggage or Brake Van paying due charges. Thereis no need to panic because there are specially designed Dog Boxes there in the Brake Vans for these purposes. Here, if you want to take your beloved dog in the Luggage Van, then you have to contact the Parcel Office and do booking for your dog at least two days before commencement of the journey.

There is no need to be over clever or over smart. If you are detected taking a dog in the absence of due booking in an AC First Class or Brake Van, then you shall be charged at Luggage Rates that are based on weight of dog . Not just this, you would also have to pay a minimum fine of Rs.10 each dog. These are the charges that are prepaid in nature.Similarly, if the dog is “Seeing Eye” of a visually challenged person, the tariff charged is going to be same as dogs carried in brake van though the dog would remain inside the compartment. However, the dog should have Collars and Chains fitted for such a passenger.

So, there are many things that you can do once you know about them. If you have a beloved pooch, and you never knew about the facilities of train traveling for him, now it is time for a celebration for you.

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