3 Top Tips For Looking After Ageing Skin

It’s an unfortunate inevitability that as we age our skin is affected and becomes more lifeless. It’s not only ageing that impacts it however, as there are many external factors that can also contribute to your skin looking a little aged. These can include factors such excessive exposure to the skin, genetics and simple bad habits. As we age, where we tend to see our first signs of ageing is on our skin.

We are doing everything we can to cover up these signs and reverse the process. Whether it’s applying more make-up or opting for cosmetic services. However, looking after your skin should be considered a lifetime commitment and there are many ways you can help to look after your skin. With this in mind, here are 3 top tips for looking after your skin as you age.

Care under the sun

Sun protection for your skin is vitally important to prevent skin ageing. We should technically be using proper skin protection everyday, but it’s particularly necessary every time we head out into the sun. 

There’s also more to applying sunscreen than simply preventing ageing skin. It can also help with many long term health issues and diseases such as decreasing your risk of skin cancers and melanoma. You can’t completely reverse the skin ageing process, but it’s never too late to start protecting your skin now.

Being extra delicate during menopause

Estrogen levels tend to change during menopause, which can amplify the signs of ageing for women. As a result, you may experience drier skin and start to lose collagen which makes your skin appear saggier around your eyes and particularly around the jaw. 

If you witness these symptoms, then it might be important to take extra care during your skincare routine and apply moisturiser daily. Topical treatments can also be useful such as vitamin c serum and retinoids. This will make your skin appear smoother and softer.

Consider your nutrition

Believe it or not, what you eat can have great impacts on your general health but also the appearance of your skin. If you eat unhealthily, it can lead to excessive weight gain and interrupt your metabolism. More and more studies are being conducted which are supporting the idea that what you eat can have a direct impact on the appearance of your skin.

You can do wonders for your skin by eating fatty fish such as salmon in your diet. Salmon contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which can help to keep skin moisturised and looking youthful. If there are lifestyle choices or taste preferences that prevent you from gaining these qualities from such foods, there are alternative health supplements that you can opt for instead.

Fish oil tablets and tablets can help you to incorporate fish into your diet without having to eat it naturally. There are also other natural food alternatives that you can try including avocados and walnuts.

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