The Best Places In The UK For Property Investors

The UK is a popular place for property investment for both buyers from overseas and at home. When it comes to choosing the best area for your money, many people are inclined to head further north as it’s still one of the highest earners for ROI. Here’s a look at the best places in the UK for property investors to consider:



  • Manchester


Commonly regarded as London’s biggest rival, Manchester has risen above the ranks when it comes to the most popular city for investors in 2018. It’s currently the fastest growing city outside of London, with millions of pounds being put into major redevelopments in the city. Vibrant areas such as Ancoats and Salford Quays have become central hubs for this cosmopolitan city. Commercial property management in Manchester has soared through the roof, largely due to the number of property buyers who then look to rent their homes out to tenants. Areas just outside of Manchester such as Fallowfield and Didsbury continue to be high earners for investors looking for ROI.



  • Liverpool


Much like many cities in the North of England, Liverpool has been given a new lease of life thanks to increased funding. This combined with it’s recent ‘capital of culture’ accolade has helped to put Liverpool on the map. It has seen the city transform as one of the most popular places for investors in the country. It’s set to become a more desirable place to families thanks to the plans to renovate a 60-hectare brownfield site into 5 neighbourhoods.



  • Nottingham


Nottingham is famous for its prestigious university, meaning that many students choose to stay on and live here once their course has ended. This provides great opportunities for investors to buy property and rent it out to graduates. It’s already a bustling city with great amenities and transport links, but within the next 10 years it’s set to see property prices rise by a whopping 160%. There’s never been a better time for investors to get a piece of the action.



  • Birmingham


The city of Birmingham may not be the first place that springs to mind when considering the bets places to buy in the UK. However, this up and coming city has plenty to offer. With the incoming HS2 high speed train set to connect the city centre to London with just a short trip; more and more investors are interested in this area. Believe it or not, Birmingham is Britain’s second largest city – with so much more to give.



  • Sheffield


Demand for property in Sheffield is steadily increasing, but there’s still time to get your offers in. It has generated interested in particular from buyers overseas thanks to it’s predicted growth in the future. It’s mostly a popular area for young professionals and first time buyers, perhaps due to its reasonably priced homes. The city centre is bustling, with new bars and restaurants popping up to truly bring back life to the city.

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